Wednesday, November 17, 2010


It's been way too long since I last updated. Here are some of the things that went on during the month of October...

Ana learned to walk at about 10most, 2 wks, very similar to her big sister. Now half way through November she's an expert and can even dance a little bit if there's music that moves her.

The girls had fun on Halloween. We carved pumpkins and I let the girls play with the seeds and guts. It kept them busy for a good hour at least. Katen was a bee and Ana was a butterfly. We drove over to our new neighborhood and did our trick or treating there. At one of the houses, they asked Katen to tell a joke. She proudly asked them, "Why do bees have sticky hair?" When they said they didn't know, she jumped up and down and said in an excited voice, "...because they use honey combs!"

She picked that joke up on the way to Night Eyes at the Zoo the night before. Night eyes was packed and walking through the zoo was a very slow process. I think both girls (and definitely both parents) were ready to be done by the end. We may or may not have skipped a few stops just to get it over with.  :)

We also took the girls to a couple of pumpkin farms. They had a blast trying to tote the pumpkins around and the weather was great. One of the farms had a animals, a giant slide, a trampoline, and best of all, a huge corn pool. The girls had so much fun playing in the corn pool. Katen liked the slide into it, and Ana had fun running it through her fingers. Amazingly, Ana didn't try to eat any, but plenty came home in her diaper.

Katen has started dance lessons and really seems to enjoy them. Her teacher, Miss Evie, is amazing, and when I say amazing I mean AMAZING. She has the energy of those three year olds (Katen is the youngest) and then some. I don't know how she does it, but she's so fun and so animated that the girls just soak her up. She's the perfect first "teacher" for Katen. Katen prefers to call her "Abbie Cadaby." I don't know why.

As Katen nears three years old she's become very independent. She can pour her own drinks, make herself a peanutbutter sandwich, dress herself, get shoes on, and she's been potty trained all summer now. She's known her ABC's for almost a year and she's counting up to 20. She has something against number 16 though and often chooses to leave it out. She also knows her letter sounds and has been known to graffiti her name on the garbage can. (Not very sneaky.)

Ana has four teeth - the bottom two and the top two. She's currently working on a few more. I always know when a tooth is about to emerge because Ana is the calm and easy going baby. Nothing really gets her upset unless she's teething. Then watch out. It's also the only time she drools.

Ana is learning her signs as Katen did. She's doing well with milk, more, all done, and dog. She's fascinated with animals of any sort and can make the sounds of some of them as well. My favorite is her Whoo - Whoo for the owl. It's precious.

Ana can climb the stairs both up and down so we have to baby gate everything. She gets upset if Katen is napping and she is not because she wants to climb up to see her. Ana is Katen's biggest fan and for the most part they play together pretty well. There are some sharing issues at times but overall they play really cute together. They have a little play house that they love to spend time in. Ana peeks in the window at Katen and then busts through the door. Then they giggle and do it again. They also cook together in their play kitchen.

Earlier in the month, my father was killed in a tractor roll over accident. The girls made the trip with me two days in a row so that we could be at the visitation and the funeral. That meant napping in a different place and trying to behave during a very serious time. I feel like both girls did as well as they possibly could have  and I'm so proud of them. I think they may have brightened up a very difficult time for a few people too. I know having them with me helped lift my spirits for sure.

Here are a few random snippets of our life at home that I wrote down so that I wouldn't forget how funny my kids are:

Katen has taken all of the stuffing out of her lovey's head so it's flat, and she likes it that way despite my efforts to restuff and do surgery multiple times. Today she says to me, "Mommy look, Moe didn't look both ways." [when crossing the road] 

November 1 

Katen is sitting here singing the Super Why song at the top of her lungs as she colors at her table, and Ana is rearranging the animal shaped fridge magnets, making animals sounds. How did my kids get so stinkin' cute? 

Katen: "Hey Mommy! Ana has the hip hops!" [hiccup]

The girls are soundly sleeping after having a blast running around the apple orchard. Ana kept trying to ride the pumpkins and Katen kept trying to climb into people's wagons but all in all it was a great day and a fun time.

October 15 

"Katen, do you have a doggy at home?" "No, I have Ana." :)

October 14 

I let Katen play in her bee costume this morning. After a while she came up to me with a very serious face and said, "Mommy I can't go buzzing around with this butt sticking out." (her "stinger" ) LOL! I'm not sure what we can do about that. ;)

October 7
Mom will you straighten my hair too?

‎"You're a ham." "I'm not a ham, Mom. I'm Katen."

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Construction Month 1

Finally we got a start, and if the monsoon rain season subsides we can finally get this show on the road!

As of now, the basement is poured, the support beams are in place, the first floor is framed, and lots of brush has been cleared. Mike and some helpers also took down a very large thorny elm tree and tons of little trees that were in the way. Today the framing for the main stairway (there are two) should go up and next week the trusses arrive to start the roof portion. The builder wants our spaceship... errr I mean shower delivered the first week in September, so that's sooon!

This is what I mean when I call our shower a spaceship.

Here are some pictures of the progress so far...
Living room
Above: Dining Nook, Below: Poker Room 
Above: Living Room, Below: Rec Room
Dining Nook
Katen's Room, Girls' Bathroom
Rec Room
More soon!!

Summer Wrap Up

Well... our Fall 2010 Hawkeye Football tickets have arrived. That means that summer is almost over. We've had so much fun though!

It's been a summer of record rain. The third wettest summer on record to be exact. We've built tents, played with water, and terrorized the library play areas on the rainy days. We've even painted pottery - which is not for the faint of heart as the pottery store has many breakables within reach of curious little hands.

The dry days have been filled with trips to the park, many zoo visits, strawberry picking at the strawberry patch , blueberry picking at Berry Fresh Farms (which Ana was actually pretty good at too) , raspberry picking at Grandpa R's office (and some awesome black raspberry crisp as a result), splashing around at the splash pad, and lots of other random activities to keep us busy. (and wear us out for nap time.) 

The girls even got to see their first play - Charlotte's Web - this summer. Of course the time they spent sitting in the chairs for this picture was probably the longest stretch of time they actually sat still.  :) 

Katen spent a couple of mornings at daycamp and did really well. She came home very proud of her "work" and didn't have any problems with mommy leaving her there for a while. In fact the conversation went something like this...

Mommy:  "Katen is it okay if you stay here and mommy leaves for a while?"
Katen: "Bye mom."
 Unfortunately she also got her first bite by another kid. The boy got her in the eye of all places. I have no doubts that Katen told him in no uncertain terms that it wasn't nice though. 

Ana has really come a long way this summer too. At 8 months she began to crawl and two weeks later decided that wasn't good enough, so she started pulling herself up on things. Now she's an expert cruiser along the furniture and toys. Yesterday she even stood on her own for a while. Katen handed her a toy and she forgot she wasn't holding on. When she realized it, her face was priceless. You could see the "uh oh!" look on her face and then she went plop. She also has her first two teeth and is working on a bunch more. Only having two doesn't slow her down much in the food department though. She'll eat pretty much anything. She even stole Katen's hamburger off her table one day and ate half before Katen could get it back - ketchup, mustard, onions and all. 

We spent our last day at the splash pad on Monday. It closes for the winter this weekend. Both girls had a blast as most of the kids were in school already. Ana likes crawling through the water and splashing. Katen loves pouring water into buckets, etc and practicing swimming. (in the 3 inches of water.) 

Yesterday we went to the fair. I'll have some fun video of Katen riding the big slide to follow. This weekend we're heading to Minneapolis for a short weekend vacation with the girls. We're planning to go to the zoo and do some shopping for sure. It will be interesting to see how the girls do in the car and how everyone sleeps (or doesn't) when we're all in the same room.  :: fingers crossed! ::

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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Hello Ana!

Oh wow, where do I start?

Ana is our quiet, slightly shy, gentle giant. Or at least she used to be!
Now she's Katen's worst nightmare. Revenge.

In the past month, Ana has learned to crawl, she's cut her first two teeth, sprouted some very light blonde hair that sticks up all cute when I sunscreen her head, and has become an all around funny kind of girl! She'll crack you up with the silly faces she makes just to get your attention. She especially like to put on a show at supper time. She knows the sign for "more" and "milk" and as you can imagine, uses them often.

This crawling thing really has Katen a little nervous. Katen will be minding her own business playing with something when Ana crawls up behind her and attacks, pulling her hair with two fists and wrestling her down to the ground with her sheer weight. I thought big sister was supposed to be the bully but really Ana can hold her own.

Ana is also eating like a champ. She pretty much will gum down any food that we give her. She devoured her portion of Shepard's pie before Katen did a few nights ago. Not that it helps her to sleep any better. I'm still up every 2-3 hours. I have no idea how I'm going to wean Miss Ana from her night feedings without a lot of crying. (on both of our parts.) She acts like she hasn't eaten in months if I try to withhold food in the middle of the night. Couple that with the fact that she refuses a bottle and you've got a very interesting night owl on your hands.

Katen is such a big girl now. She's lost that baby face and in its place is a pretty big girl with tendrils of curls hanging in her face. I hesitate to cut it, so we just bought some pretty clips yesterday to keep it out of her eyes. Katen has been brushing up on learning a bunch of new songs and really enjoys music in general. In the car and on TV she's all about bopping to the music. I love watching her dance and jump around to the beat. She also enjoys "cooking" for us and dressing up in her princess dresses, although she's not all about princesses like some girls.

Katen has finally proven herself worthy of walking beside the cart at the grocery store as well. Finally she won't knock everything off the shelves and run down the aisles as fast as she can giggling. She's so adult now. (sort of.) The trick, I found, is that when I make my grocery list, I make one for her too. Hers is in pictures and she has to find a match to the pictures. That keeps her fairly busy and on task. Notice I didn't use the word "focused" as she's still a bit of a daydreamer. She gets that honest...

I can't believe how fast both girls are growing. This summer has been so much fun with both of them. Ana is so easy going and Katen thoroughly enjoys so many things in life that it's hard to take a step back and not smile at how lucky we are to have such bright, beautiful daughters.

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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Hello Cloth Diapers

Well... we've made the switch to cloth diapers. Before you start thinking that I've lost my mind, hold on a second and let me explain.

Cloth diapers are not what they used to be. In fact you can get cloth diapers that you simply put on, take off when wet/dirty and and throw them in the wash. They're about $15+ per diaper though so I chose the cheaper route and use prefolds which are basically layers of cotton that you fold into thirds and lay inside a water resistant cover. Saving money was the main motivation for making the switch. We were spending $40 per week on diapers for the girls. ouch.

In the beginning, we were having a tough time with the fit. Ana has very large thighs and well... overall she's just a big baby so the bulk of all of those cotton layers was just too much. I didn't feel like she was comfortable and I didn't like the idea of soa
king wet cloth up against her skin. So I looked online for a better option. Everything was really more than we wanted to spend and I already had bought the prefolds so I kind of wanted to find a way to use them in some form.

After a lot of thinking, this is what I came up with....

Problem 1: the prefolds were too long. I was having to fold over an extra layer and tuck it near her belly
Solution 1: I cut off about 3-4 inches from the top of the prefold.

Problem 2: There was a lot of bulk around Ana's chubby legs.
Solution 2: I measured her thighs and then made cuts in outer two thirds of the prefold to
accommodate that measurement. The middle sections that the cuts create can then be folded into the middle to create additional absorption. This makes the front and the back of the diaper only one layer instead of three.

Problem 3: I didn't like the feeling of wet cotton on her bottom.
Solution 2: I cut a piece of microfleece to fit the middle of the diaper. Fleece wicks the wetness away from the baby and helps her to feel dry I sewed velcro tabs to the bottom of the fleece and the top and bottom of the diaper. This makes the fleece stay in place. I may just sew it into the diaper as I can still unfold the flaps under the middle of the fleece for faster drying time.

Then all I have to do is wrap the flaps around Ana's sides and secure them with a "snappi." Snappis have replaced the dreaded diaper pins. The're kind of like what you'd secure an ace bandage with only a little more blunt. Top that with a cute diaper cover and she's ready to rock her little fluffy butt.

Monday, June 28, 2010

It's Summer Again

I love summer. Love, love, love it!! We've been up to all kinds of fun things lately like...

Picking strawberries at a local organic farm...

Picking blackberries

Playing at the splash pad

Eating Sweet Corn


Picnicking and playing at the lake with friends...

Wishing mom didn't insist on serving carrots...

More strawberry picking

We've also hit a few farmer's markets and spent lots of time at the playground.

I'm not sure if it's a good thing that an ice cream shop is within walking distance to our temporary home or not, but we've been walking there too. They serve baby cones that have two candy eyeballs on them to the little ones . (not creepy ones - they're cute.)

Construction Day 0

Well... we haven't formally broken ground yet. We own the land. We closed on the construction loan after deciding that every person that our loan had to be approved by was on vacation the week we needed them. Now, we're waiting on the city officials to approve our soil erosion plan. C'mon already!!

Needless to say we're anxious to get started. Nobody wants to be moving in right before Christmas so, child labor laws aside, the girls decided to grab their shovels and get started.

Let's just hope the next update involves a large hole in the ground. :)

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

We're going places

I put Ana down right here and now she's... over there!

Yes, dear sweet Ana is mobile. Not in the way that you might think. She's got all the mechanics down to crawl, but she's 20lbs of sweet love, and that's a lot to move for a 6 month old. Don't worry though. She uses her "roundness" to her advantage. She's a smart kid. She's found that if she throws all of her weight forward while sitting, she moves ahead toward what she wants. She can also crawl backward but that usually just lands her in a pickle.

Obviously she's sitting well these days. She started at about 5 mos just like her big sister. She really enjoys the new view, but she's a generally happy baby overall anyway. She's getting a few teeth on the bottom and it's been hard on us. Not a lot of sleeping going on in our house.

The girls are having a good summer so far. Both love baths so we have a little pool on our deck for them to play in. We've also made a few trips to the splash pad and tons of playground visits. Our next adventure is to get a library card in our new suburb. I guess they must have some super secret book stash or something because you MUST prove residency with a water bill and your drivers license to get a library card. Our first attempt wasn't pretty and they made Katen put her book back because I didn't just have a random water bill with me. (Meanies!)

Tomorrow we're heading to a local organic farm to pick strawberries. With all of the rain we've had it should be interesting. And muddy. According to the farmers, many of the berries are rotting so we'll see what we can find. We picked up a few pounds at the farmers market today just in case. :)

Katen has been keeping us laughing with her own words for things. Some of the latest are:
That's a bummer! ...and everything is "really." She'll say, "I really really have to go." or, "I'm really really hungry." Out of the blue one day, daddy came home and she said, "How was your day Daddyroo?" We're not sure where "Daddyroo" came from. She's also a big fan of her peanut butter, but she calls it "Peter Butter." When getting in the car, she can often be heard saying, "Let's rock this puppy!" from the back seat. She also likes to parrot the GPS in the car. "Turn left mommy! Turn left!"

Katen is really into pretend play. She'll tell me she's going to the store or will pour me a cup of pretend coffee. She can also be found singing to a variety of songs that she can sing from memory and dancing along. Some of her favorites are Take me out to the Ballgame, Little Teapot, The Iowa Fight song, Hot Dog (from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse), and a handful of others. She's good at singing Little Teapot and ABC's to Ana when she's upset. Lots of times I hear these songs coming from Katen's room at the high volume during naptime too.

The girls are at such fun ages right now. We're enjoying summer to its fullest and look forward to our new home being complete later this fall. Finally.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Here are some fun videos taken recently, starring the famous Katen and Ana. If you're reading this via email you'll probably need to go into the actual blog to view these.

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

Ana, rockin' it.


Seriously sweet - sisterly love

Sunday, May 16, 2010

State of the family

Well Ana's been busy working on her milestones. She is now sitting very well. She started kind of tripodding about the time she turned 5 mos and now she's totally got it. She loooves her new view and spends a lot of time sitting on the floor with me playing with her toys. She especially enjoys a ball that rolls around on its own with songs and lights.

She's very good with her hands and can pretty much grab anything she wants. ...including food. She makes us feel very guilty for not sharing ours with her. I think that chubby little belly is always up for a good meal. :) She actually shares cheerios with us in the morning and eats them like a champ. If we don't share, she basically begs and raises a real fuss.

She is also able to roll both ways and prefers sleeping on her belly. She can also push up on her arms when she's on her belly and I think (fear!) it won't be long before she's learning to crawl. She would love nothing more than to keep up with her big sister.

Ana thinks Katen hung the moon! She always smiles when she sees her and loves to laugh if Katen makes a sudden move or is being silly. I've got some video coming showing Ana belly laughing while Katen circles the room and then pretends to crash.

Katen is an amazing big sister most of the time. When she hears Ana on the monitor she loves to be the first to go up and see Ana. She talks to her and rubs her head from outside the crib. She is also good about giving Ana kisses and hugs... and the random cheerio from time to time. (How do you think we figured out that she could eat them, after all?) Sometimes Katen has a little trouble sharing. She'll ocassionally take a toy away and recently, since they wear the same size, Katen will have trouble letting Ana wear a shirt or bottoms that were previously only hers. I'd hoped we could make it to the teen years at least before the girls started fighting over clothes. Oh well!

Last weekend we visited the Tulip Festival in my home town. We braved cool temps, wind and a little bit of rain. Katen got to Dutch dance with Grandma ("Mamo") Debby and both girls rode in the baby parade with their Dutch costumes on. After riding in the parade we watched the rest with Great Grandma, Grandpa, and Aunt Tammy. Katen especially enjoyed the marching bands. I think we have a future drummer on our hands. Ana wasn't overly impressed with the whole operation but didn't really complain too much either.

As an update to the housing situation, we have sold our house. The home that we'd picked out to move into got 5 other bids on the day ours was sold and we did not win that game, which left us homeless. After searching for just the right opportunity, we came across a great piece of land that fit all of our criteria for the house we'd intended to build later, so we jumped on it. In two weeks we secured a six month lease on a townhome near our land and called our builder. We should be breaking ground in the next three weeks or so. Living in a townhome is pretty cramped (our cars sit out because the garage is totally full) but it's a nice place overall. Close to our future home, Grandpa R's house, a little Dutch ice cream shop (!), and it's very sunny and bright. For a short time, it will certainly do just fine.

I think that brings everyone up to date on the state of our family. :) Always lots going on around here!
Here's some video of Katen dancing to the marching band...
(you might have to go to the actual blog to see this if you're reading this via email.)

Friday, April 23, 2010

Slip Sliding

I took the girls to the park the other day and somehow Katen pooped in her little pants without me noticing. Usually she's good about telling me she has to go. I guess that day she was on vacation.

So... that's not terribly bad but then she proceeded to slide down the big tornado slide and smear poop allllll the way down which in turn smeared a nice stripe up her back as well.

There was no way I was letting her back into the stroller, and we hadn't taken the double stroller that has a standing platform, so she couldn't even ride on that. She had to walk back home beside me. Poor kid. I couldn't even carry her because I already had Ana in the carrier strapped to me asleep and it would have been too much for my back. ...not to mention the poop all over. She did really well though and didn't get tired. Hopefully next time she'll let me know if any bathroom time is needed.

You just have to laugh at all the random things that happen, don't you? :)

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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Catching up

It's been so long since I last posted. I'm afriad I'm going to forget all of the fun little things that the girls are doing. Let me try to get back up to speed.

Ana is 4 mos old. At her pediatrician appointment she weight a whopping 19.5lbs and is 26 inches tall. In comparison.... Katen is 23lbs. They're wearing the same clothes and the same diapers. The diapers are a little snug on Ana and a little loose on Katen. Ha!

Ana has been busy making discoveries lately. She found her hands and can be found gazing at them, turning them over to see the other side and just totally in awe of them. She also noticed that her feet are down there and uses them to play with the toys hanging above her when she's in the activity gym. Surprisingly, as big as she is, it has't held her back from being early with physical milesones either. She can already roll from back to belly and belly to back. This is much to her frustration when she rolls over at night. It sort of freaks her out. She's also able to "tripod" or sit up and steady herself with her hands. She really enjoys the new view as I remember Katen did as well at that age.

Sleep is coming along. Ana on occasion will give me a couple of 3 or even close to 4 hour stretches of sleep. She still struggles with her acid reflux from about 4am until she wakes though so it's not unheard of to find Mommy sleeping upright with a snuggly Ana during that time. About a month ago she was having a particularly difficult night. Multiple times she'd spit up through her nose and was just very acid-ey, wheezing and choking throughout the night. Finally I decided that nobody was getting sleep anyway and took pity on Ana bringing her into bed to sleep on my chest for a good portion of the night so that at least she could get some rest. As she drifted off to sleep though, she grabbed onto my finger and held it tight as if to say, "thanks mom!" I think I had happy tears in my eyes until I drifted off myself sometime shortly before the sun came up.

Katen has been the best big sister a girl could ask for. She's been an amazing help and loves to make her little sister laugh. Ana thinks Katen hung the moon! She especially enjoys it when Katen jumps up and down in front of her. Doing so, makes Ana let out big loud belly laughs. Katen also is very caring. If Ana is upset and I can't get to her right away, Katen will sing the ABC's or Twinkle Twinkle to her and rub her belly. Usually Ana really enjoys hearing Katen sing to her. It's a pretty neat connection that the girls have.

Katen is growing like a weed. She's gotten taller and all of her pants are way to short now. She hasn't gained much weight though so she's quite the string bean. Funny that we often call her "bean" or "Miss Beans." (Ana is "bear" or "Ana bear") She is maturing very quickly and doesn't look like a baby anymore. She's definitley looking more like a little kid now. She knows all of her ABC's and can name any letter that you point to. She can count to 12 on her own or 20 with some help. She knows several songs and even sings in tune. She's got her colors and shapes down and is starting to understand what sounds each letter makes.

She's having a ball with the warm weather that we've been having and it's hard to get her to come inside. She plays outside on her slide or with simple things like rocks using lots of make believe. I love to sit back and watch the stories that she comes up with. Often she's cooking and offers me a taste. ;) She also likes to pretend that she's driving to the store in her little car. I'll ask her to pick up some eggs or muffins or some odd item. Usually she'll wrinkle her nose and say Noooo, I'll get you some peanutbutter, or she'll suggest something else. Cracks me up!

Today we picked up a little table and a set of chairs for Katen. They were a steal for $15 off of Craigslist. We'll be renting a townhome for a while until either we find a new house or build our dream home. The townhome doesn't have room for our dining room table (or anything much really) and the counter with barstools is too high, so the little table and chairs will be a great place for Katen to eat and color. She set to work hosting a tea party at the table as soon as we set them up at home this evening and really seemed to enjoy having chairs just her size.

It's hard to believe how fast both girls are growing up. If only there was a pause button for them. :)

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Monday, March 15, 2010

A little cuteness from Ana

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This is a little video of Ana smiling and talking to her toys.

And this is Ana jumping in her jumparoo. She really gets moving in there some days!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

She speaks

Katen playing dress-up
Our record snow piling up. Those are mailboxes!

Miss Ana the snowbunny - about to take her first outside walk

Ready for Easter

Sweet Ana has found her voice! Up until now she's been giving us quiet little coo's and smiles but in the last week or so she's really found her voice. Now she's talking to us when we play and it sounds like she's holding serious conversations with some of her toys as well. watch out!

She's also discovered her hands and tries multiple times daily to fit her entire fist in her mouth. I'm half worried that she might succeed. Since she realizes that her hands work, she can also pick up toys and things as well. This has opened up a whole new level of play for her. I clipped a little blue birdie onto her carseat the other day and she's been mesmerized by it ever sinice. She bats at it and grabs the feet. Super cute!

She's also really tall so she can fit into her jumperoo and touch the ground now. She just discovered yesterday that she can jump up and down in it. At first I think she was pretty much terrified, judging by the look on her face, but quickly she decided it was fun and jumped for quite a while. As she jumped she made the most hilarious faces. She was pretty serious about it. Ha!

I had her at the pediatrician last Friday and she's up to 17lbs already. She and Katen wear the same size diaper and Ana is wearing a onesie that Katen just grew out of last fall.

Things around the house are going well. I have my Dove Chocolate Discoveries launch party this Friday. We're still waiting on our house to sell but we've settled into a good routine around here. Ana pretty much is up at 7am and eats/sleeps again at 9. That leaves me time to catch up on emails and play with Katen. Then we're out the door to our activity for the day when Ana wakes and eats again. At noon it's time for lunch, nursing, and then naps again. I can usually get both girls to sleep at the same time, so that leaves a nice chunk of time for me to clean and catch up with any other work I need to do. After naps we play a little and then, when Daddy gets home, we have dinner and the girls get a bath. Ana goes to bed for the night by 7pm which leaves Katen a little more one -on -one time and it makes it easier to get both girls to sleep when we're not trying to do both at once.

Everyone asks if Ana is a good sleeper. Well no, she's not. She's up about every 2-3 hours, but that's okay. Katen wasn't a good sleeper either so I expected that. I'm not completely exhausted during the day unless we've had a particularly difficult night dealing with reflux or sickness, so it's working for us right now. Sure, I'd love for her to sleep better but she's a big girl who likes her food. What can I say? :)

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