Monday, June 28, 2010

It's Summer Again

I love summer. Love, love, love it!! We've been up to all kinds of fun things lately like...

Picking strawberries at a local organic farm...

Picking blackberries

Playing at the splash pad

Eating Sweet Corn


Picnicking and playing at the lake with friends...

Wishing mom didn't insist on serving carrots...

More strawberry picking

We've also hit a few farmer's markets and spent lots of time at the playground.

I'm not sure if it's a good thing that an ice cream shop is within walking distance to our temporary home or not, but we've been walking there too. They serve baby cones that have two candy eyeballs on them to the little ones . (not creepy ones - they're cute.)

Construction Day 0

Well... we haven't formally broken ground yet. We own the land. We closed on the construction loan after deciding that every person that our loan had to be approved by was on vacation the week we needed them. Now, we're waiting on the city officials to approve our soil erosion plan. C'mon already!!

Needless to say we're anxious to get started. Nobody wants to be moving in right before Christmas so, child labor laws aside, the girls decided to grab their shovels and get started.

Let's just hope the next update involves a large hole in the ground. :)

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