Thursday, August 19, 2010

Construction Month 1

Finally we got a start, and if the monsoon rain season subsides we can finally get this show on the road!

As of now, the basement is poured, the support beams are in place, the first floor is framed, and lots of brush has been cleared. Mike and some helpers also took down a very large thorny elm tree and tons of little trees that were in the way. Today the framing for the main stairway (there are two) should go up and next week the trusses arrive to start the roof portion. The builder wants our spaceship... errr I mean shower delivered the first week in September, so that's sooon!

This is what I mean when I call our shower a spaceship.

Here are some pictures of the progress so far...
Living room
Above: Dining Nook, Below: Poker Room 
Above: Living Room, Below: Rec Room
Dining Nook
Katen's Room, Girls' Bathroom
Rec Room
More soon!!

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