Thursday, June 12, 2008

Off to the pediatrician. again.

I took Katen to the Pediatrician today. We saw another one in the practice so it wasn't our regular Dr who we love. Mike and I thought Katen had an ear infection. She's been super crabby and pulling at her ears. I wanted to get her into the clinic before the weekend so she didn't have to suffer if she did indeed have an infection. She didn't. I'm just one of those crazy first time moms. The pediatrician said that the problem was just teething. (seriously? I don't see any!) What we left with were instructions to increase Katen's Zantac dose by almost double and a recommendation to get Children's Zyrtec for her eczema since it seems to be itching. The cream that we got (oh maybe two weeks ago?) helps a lot but Katen has scratched the spots open on both arms. I was also told to give her Tylenol at bedtime but I don't feel like giving her three meds at beditme is really necessary. Although if she continues to wake every two hours screeching like she has, I may reconsider. The idea isn't to torture her.

After the appointment, Katen and I ran to the store to find the zyrtec (which is newly sold over the counter and apparently back ordered due to increased demand) and then had a fun afternoon playing together.

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