Thursday, July 10, 2008

Songs and Signs & Katen vs the cat

Katen started her Songs and Signs class tonight along with her friends Maya,Ella and Jacob. We'll do this on Thursdays for six weeks. I'm not sure how much she got out of it. She was pretty tired but did some flirting with Jacob and gave hugs to Maya. The songs were very simple and repetitive which is great for Mommies who have short memories and to be honest it's great for the little ones too. I appreciated the mix of standing up, sitting down, dancing around, and playing with instrunments that Katen could hold. There was just enough movement to keep her from getting too antsy. ...and enough to make Mommy sweat. Great workout! Anyway, it's too early to tell if Katen is going to learn anything about very basic rythm and tone but the instructor assures us that babies of all ages learn it by the end of class. Sounds like a good challenge to me!

In other news...

Katen's newest trick is whining. It's like she's faking a cry. Her face doesn't indicate she's upset but she does this little quiet cry when she's getting bored or wants something. If she doesn't get what she's after, she'll up the volume to an all out cry. Who knew a kid started whining before they could even talk?

She's also become very communicative with animals and other kids. When she wants to call the cat she makes this "cah!" sound until Swiffer stolls by. I'm not sure how Swiff knows that's her cue, but she almost always comes when Katen calls. weird. To be honest I'm not even sure why Swiffer comes within 10 feet of our Pickle. The kiddo is absolutely fascinated with the cat and will pull her tail or her fur almost any time she gets hear enough. If the cat thinks Katen is going to play nice, she's got another thing coming. She'd also better watch out once Katen starts crawling because Pickle loves to stalk that cat.

[oohhh cat! scoot, scoot, scoot] [YES! I've got you....] [Hey! Where are you goin'?]

[ Come back!] [Was it something I said?]

The same sound is made when Katen sees another baby. She erupts in a wide smile and greets the baby with a "cah!" (Which tells me that Cah doesn't mean cat exclusively or that she's trying to say the correct word.)

A few mornings ago I left Katen playing with her activity gym and when I returned she was trying to communicate with the baby on the Pampers box I'd put in her nursery. I almost died laughing. She just kept talking to it and touching the baby's face. How cute is that!? I need to start cutting out pictures of babies and give her an audience of friends for her play mat. She'd have fun for hours! (Okay let's not kid ourselves. Katen has the attention span of a flea. Busy, busy, busy...)

Speaking of the play gym, this is what happens when the gym isn't entertainment enough. It looks like she got into a wrestling match when the boppy and the curtain ganged up on her. I think she came out on top though. ;)


Smoking Ban

I am happy to report that A ban prohibiting smoking in most public places goes into effect today across Iowa. According to the law, someone caught smoking in a public area must pay a $50 fine (which might actually be worth it to some addicts - just a thought.)
The new restrictions provide exemptions for casinos, veterans organizations and other areas such as fairgrounds.
Many business owners are angered by the exemptions, saying they don't seem fair. Some have been raising money to file a lawsuit that seeks to strip the law of the exemptions.
Under the new law, a person caught smoking in a banned area is subject to a $50 fine.
Businesses that don't enforce the law face a $100 fine for the first offense and the fines increase from there.
Americans for Nonsmokers' Rights, a lobbying organization based in Berkeley, Calif., said 13 states including Iowa now have smoking bans in workplaces, restaurants and bars.

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