Thursday, August 19, 2010

Construction Month 1

Finally we got a start, and if the monsoon rain season subsides we can finally get this show on the road!

As of now, the basement is poured, the support beams are in place, the first floor is framed, and lots of brush has been cleared. Mike and some helpers also took down a very large thorny elm tree and tons of little trees that were in the way. Today the framing for the main stairway (there are two) should go up and next week the trusses arrive to start the roof portion. The builder wants our spaceship... errr I mean shower delivered the first week in September, so that's sooon!

This is what I mean when I call our shower a spaceship.

Here are some pictures of the progress so far...
Living room
Above: Dining Nook, Below: Poker Room 
Above: Living Room, Below: Rec Room
Dining Nook
Katen's Room, Girls' Bathroom
Rec Room
More soon!!

Summer Wrap Up

Well... our Fall 2010 Hawkeye Football tickets have arrived. That means that summer is almost over. We've had so much fun though!

It's been a summer of record rain. The third wettest summer on record to be exact. We've built tents, played with water, and terrorized the library play areas on the rainy days. We've even painted pottery - which is not for the faint of heart as the pottery store has many breakables within reach of curious little hands.

The dry days have been filled with trips to the park, many zoo visits, strawberry picking at the strawberry patch , blueberry picking at Berry Fresh Farms (which Ana was actually pretty good at too) , raspberry picking at Grandpa R's office (and some awesome black raspberry crisp as a result), splashing around at the splash pad, and lots of other random activities to keep us busy. (and wear us out for nap time.) 

The girls even got to see their first play - Charlotte's Web - this summer. Of course the time they spent sitting in the chairs for this picture was probably the longest stretch of time they actually sat still.  :) 

Katen spent a couple of mornings at daycamp and did really well. She came home very proud of her "work" and didn't have any problems with mommy leaving her there for a while. In fact the conversation went something like this...

Mommy:  "Katen is it okay if you stay here and mommy leaves for a while?"
Katen: "Bye mom."
 Unfortunately she also got her first bite by another kid. The boy got her in the eye of all places. I have no doubts that Katen told him in no uncertain terms that it wasn't nice though. 

Ana has really come a long way this summer too. At 8 months she began to crawl and two weeks later decided that wasn't good enough, so she started pulling herself up on things. Now she's an expert cruiser along the furniture and toys. Yesterday she even stood on her own for a while. Katen handed her a toy and she forgot she wasn't holding on. When she realized it, her face was priceless. You could see the "uh oh!" look on her face and then she went plop. She also has her first two teeth and is working on a bunch more. Only having two doesn't slow her down much in the food department though. She'll eat pretty much anything. She even stole Katen's hamburger off her table one day and ate half before Katen could get it back - ketchup, mustard, onions and all. 

We spent our last day at the splash pad on Monday. It closes for the winter this weekend. Both girls had a blast as most of the kids were in school already. Ana likes crawling through the water and splashing. Katen loves pouring water into buckets, etc and practicing swimming. (in the 3 inches of water.) 

Yesterday we went to the fair. I'll have some fun video of Katen riding the big slide to follow. This weekend we're heading to Minneapolis for a short weekend vacation with the girls. We're planning to go to the zoo and do some shopping for sure. It will be interesting to see how the girls do in the car and how everyone sleeps (or doesn't) when we're all in the same room.  :: fingers crossed! ::

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