Saturday, November 22, 2008

Rock A Bye

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This video shows Katen rocking to the sound of the music. She looooves any kind of music and always either rocks or does a little dancy dance if she's standing. I think this is particularly cute.

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow

Today we had our second measurable snow of the year, so I bundled Katen up and we headed outside. She likes snow about as much as she likes grass.... not much. (She gets that honest.)
She also doesn't like hats. She's more of a hood girl apparently. :)

I've fallen and I can't get up. Yeah so now what?

AAaaaaaa! Get it off! I am not wearing this ridiculous thing. Not now, not EVER!

Belly Laughs

Sorry for the very dark video. The lighting wasn't so great but you get the idea.

This is a clip of Katen watching Daddy play with his new Nintendo Wii. She is just cracking up every time he swings the controller. He figures it out and starts really overemphasizing the swings which is accompanied by more laughter.

Picky, Picky, Picky


The little pickle has been asserting her ability to pick out different kinds of foods lately. She really loves Gerber yogurt bites and if I put them on her tray with some Cheerios she now picks out each and every one of the yogurt bites and eats them first. Then she'll dig into the cheerios. Until recently she'd take a fist full of whatever was on her tray. It's kind of funny to see her pick and choose.

This morning Daddy fed Katen breakfast for the first time. I forgot to tell him about some of her habits, so when she started clearing her tray (she literally swipes back and forth with her hand tossing pretty much everyting on the floor) he told her "no." Apparently that hurt her feelings and she got out the big lower lip and cried about it. (Oh boy.) Now we know to put her cereal in a bowl that has a suction cup on the bottom. It flies less easily that way.

The little turkey also won't let us feed her anymore. She's very adept at picking up food and feeding herself but I'd still feed her soups, cottage cheese, applesauce, etc. Well none of that anymore. She'd prefer to be in charge and she grabs at the spoon. What results is a massive food fight. She's really REALLY strong. Unhumanly strong for an 11 month old really. So... now I'm working on teaching her to use the spoon herself. She gets the general concept - scoopy the food, put it in your mouth - but sometimes she gets the wrong end of the spoon in her mouth or she flips the food from the bowl... well pretty much everywhere. That's okay though. Stuff washes and she's got to learn somehow. Ha!

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