Tuesday, March 9, 2010

She speaks

Katen playing dress-up
Our record snow piling up. Those are mailboxes!

Miss Ana the snowbunny - about to take her first outside walk

Ready for Easter

Sweet Ana has found her voice! Up until now she's been giving us quiet little coo's and smiles but in the last week or so she's really found her voice. Now she's talking to us when we play and it sounds like she's holding serious conversations with some of her toys as well. watch out!

She's also discovered her hands and tries multiple times daily to fit her entire fist in her mouth. I'm half worried that she might succeed. Since she realizes that her hands work, she can also pick up toys and things as well. This has opened up a whole new level of play for her. I clipped a little blue birdie onto her carseat the other day and she's been mesmerized by it ever sinice. She bats at it and grabs the feet. Super cute!

She's also really tall so she can fit into her jumperoo and touch the ground now. She just discovered yesterday that she can jump up and down in it. At first I think she was pretty much terrified, judging by the look on her face, but quickly she decided it was fun and jumped for quite a while. As she jumped she made the most hilarious faces. She was pretty serious about it. Ha!

I had her at the pediatrician last Friday and she's up to 17lbs already. She and Katen wear the same size diaper and Ana is wearing a onesie that Katen just grew out of last fall.

Things around the house are going well. I have my Dove Chocolate Discoveries launch party this Friday. We're still waiting on our house to sell but we've settled into a good routine around here. Ana pretty much is up at 7am and eats/sleeps again at 9. That leaves me time to catch up on emails and play with Katen. Then we're out the door to our activity for the day when Ana wakes and eats again. At noon it's time for lunch, nursing, and then naps again. I can usually get both girls to sleep at the same time, so that leaves a nice chunk of time for me to clean and catch up with any other work I need to do. After naps we play a little and then, when Daddy gets home, we have dinner and the girls get a bath. Ana goes to bed for the night by 7pm which leaves Katen a little more one -on -one time and it makes it easier to get both girls to sleep when we're not trying to do both at once.

Everyone asks if Ana is a good sleeper. Well no, she's not. She's up about every 2-3 hours, but that's okay. Katen wasn't a good sleeper either so I expected that. I'm not completely exhausted during the day unless we've had a particularly difficult night dealing with reflux or sickness, so it's working for us right now. Sure, I'd love for her to sleep better but she's a big girl who likes her food. What can I say? :)

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