Sunday, May 25, 2008

Memorial Day Weekend

I stayed home with Katen on Wednesday and Thursday because she was vomiting. We saw the pediatrician on Thursday and an ear infection was confirmed along with a probable stomach virus. We also got some great medicine for her eczema which is really helping. Poor Katen has just had a rough week. I also caught the stomach virus and went home from work on Friday early. Still on Sunday I'm feeling sick.
We went to the drive in for the first time with Katen last night. We saw Iron Man and the latest Indianna Jones movie. Katen did well. She slept until around 9:15 when the movie broke and it got too quiet in the car for her. :) She played with mommy's glow stick for a while before falling asleep on Daddy's chest. He held her through the first movie. I held her though the second. I gave her another feeding when we got home at 2:30 and then she slept until about 6:30am. Thank goodness she decided she still needed some sleep after that and went back down after a snack until 8:30. Sleep is still sort of a hot comodity at our house.

Recent milestones:

I think we're teeting. There are no visible bumps but whoa nelly is Katen ever drooling and she'll chew on anything and everything she can get into her mouth. She's not afraid to try sticking her whole fist in her mouth and often goes for our fingers as well. The main problem right now is that most teething rings and toys are just too heavy for her. Since they're filled with water they weigh too much. I've got to find something safe for the kid to chew on for some relief!

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