Friday, April 23, 2010

Slip Sliding

I took the girls to the park the other day and somehow Katen pooped in her little pants without me noticing. Usually she's good about telling me she has to go. I guess that day she was on vacation.

So... that's not terribly bad but then she proceeded to slide down the big tornado slide and smear poop allllll the way down which in turn smeared a nice stripe up her back as well.

There was no way I was letting her back into the stroller, and we hadn't taken the double stroller that has a standing platform, so she couldn't even ride on that. She had to walk back home beside me. Poor kid. I couldn't even carry her because I already had Ana in the carrier strapped to me asleep and it would have been too much for my back. ...not to mention the poop all over. She did really well though and didn't get tired. Hopefully next time she'll let me know if any bathroom time is needed.

You just have to laugh at all the random things that happen, don't you? :)

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