Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Sleep sweet sleep

My daughter is asleep in her crib sawing logs. zzzzz Score! This is day two of sleep training and so far so good. I went through the bedtime routine, fed her, and held her until she was drowzy. Then I placed her in her crib and turned on the rain sounds. After a small protest she rolled on her side, then her belly, and fell asleep. This is the first night we've gone without the swaddling blanket with any luck so my fingers are crossed that we make it through the entire night. She did wake up about an hour after going to sleep but actually put herself back to sleep. AMAZING!
In other news, Katen is having a lot of fun rolling from back to belly and back again. When I put her down to change her diaper she always has to show off and roll. Oh she's going to be fun when she's mobile. I can just tell. She's also strong enough to push up on those arms now and just tonight she got her legs under her so I think it won't be long before she figures out how to crawl. I really think she's quite intelligent for her age. I may be biased.

Our food of the week is prunes. Katen's not crazy about prunes. They produced our first "yucky" face so far but she will eat them.

Another funny thing she's been doing is when we're out of the room or not paying attention she'll do a quick "ack!" and smile to get our attention. We'll call "ack!" back and she'll repeat herself giggling the whole time. It's a fun game I guess. ...and pretty darn cute.

She's also started smiling when she sees the cat and when she recognizes her bedtime song that I sing to her. How sweet! The cat couldn't care less about her and tries to avoid Katen's reaching arms in general. Swiffer does enjoy supervising baths though. She gets pretty ticked if we lock her out of the bathroom.

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