Saturday, July 26, 2008

Milestone update

So what's Katen up to these days?

  • She's giving hugs. She's been doing this for about a month. Especially at night when she's feeling snuggly, she'll mush her cheek up to yours and throw her arms around your neck really tight. It's very sweet.
  • She's also giving kisses. Very wet open mouthed kisses. She'll study your face for just the right spot and then move in.
  • Katen is able to make it clear who she wants to be held by. She reaches out her arms for that person or if she's laying down, she'll point one arm up in the air toward you.
  • She's also very aware of our routines and how things work. When I set her carseat down, she's already moving her arms inside the straps of her buckle before I even get the release button pushed. Also when she's really hungry and I'm holding her facing me, she'll wiggle so that she's facing out, tuck her right arm behind me, and open her mouth like a hungry bird. Sometimes it's accompanied by an urgent "ah, ah, ah." She knows that this is the position we sit in when we drink a bottle.
  • Since she was able to roll on her tummy, (about 5mos) she's been adamant about sleeping on her tummy. She can be sound asleep when you lay her down and she'll still at least roll to her side. Most of the time she likes to sleep on her belly with her arms tucked under her holding on to her lovey and her knees tucked under her with her bottom in the air. She also likes to rub the lovey on her face as she falls asleep. It's just a 12 x 12 inch blankie with a fuzzy side and a silky side. I think we're going to have to buy a backup just in case.
  • We're this close to crawling. Two lengths is the most she's crawled but she's excellent at getting up on all fours and rocking back and forth. She's also mastered a little frog hop where she'll keep her arms in one spot but hop her knees up behind her hands. It's hilarious.
  • Her new favorite sounds are blowing raspberries (usually while drooling. Where are those teeth?) and making this sound while rolling her tongue that's really throaty. Sort of like the sound you'd make when pretending to throw up. She's such a nut. If she gets excited about something she'll also make this assertive Hoa! sound. Her eyes get all big and her arms flail when she does it.
  • I just got done replacing her infant carseat with her new big girl convertible carseat. She's still rear facing but has grown out of her Snugride infant seat's height requirements. (wow!) That means we can't use the handy snap in stroller that goes with the infant seat so we also got a new umbrella stroller. We settled on the Quinny Zapp and it's great so far. It folds up so small that it will fit in an overhead bin on a plane (great for our upcoming trip) and it weighs about 14lbs so it's very light. We took it for a spin around the block today. So far so good! We love our Jeep Liberty Urbain Terrain stroller very much but we also needed the smaller Quinny in order to fit through the check out stands at the grocery store. The Jeep stroller is also very heavy, so its better for walks and longer outings. I miss the shocks and rubber wheels of the Jeep when using the Quinny but it's just for quick stops anyway and definitely serves its purpose.
  • We're currently working on easing into using a sippy cup. So far, Katen knows what to do with it and can hold it just fine, but doesn't quite grasp that she needs to tip it up to drink.
  • She's sitting very well and has been for about a month and only gets a little wobbly when she tips her head back for the sippy. She really seems to be happier now that she can sit up and play with her toys as well. We've retired the swing now, so her favorite activities are jumping in the jumperoo and playing on the floor. Oh and combat crawling after the cat!
  • Her latest achievement, just today, is that she's able to move into sitting position from all fours, so she can go from laying down to sitting up all by herself!

Stay tuned for updates on crawling. She's going to be a pro at it any day now.

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