Sunday, June 29, 2008

Art Festival

Saturday morning started off with a bang. Daddy took Katen to play in the jumperoo for a while. I heard her fussing off and on and figured Daddy was multitasking. (aka messing around on the computer while "watching" his daughter.) I was about to go in and rescue Katen when I heard Daddy get up and walk toward her. The next words out of his mouth were, "Hoooney? We have a problem!" He walked into the room with Katen at arms length and a horrified look on his face. She had poop coming out of her diaper, dripping down her leg, and a some in her hand for good measure. Not only that, but she's been jumping long enough that the poop made it to the floor and Katen had been stepping in it. Lovely! Soooo... Mommy's first task to kick off the weekend was to hose off the baby, change her diaper and clothes, and clean the carpet. When I asked Mike why he didn't notice, he said, "I couldn't see her feet."

Later that afternoon, we loaded Katen into the car and headed downtown to the Art Festival. She fell asleep in the car so I put her in her moby and carried her with me though the streets. We saw some neat art and also some really weird things. One guy scuplted action hero animals which was different. Something we'd not seen before. Our annual favorite though is the guy who makes these art pieces out of metal. It's called Kinetic Sculpture and is one of those things where you drop the ball in and it sets off a series of events. Hard to explain but here's the guy's website. They're pretty neat! We didn't end up buying anything (We rarely do) but it was a really nice day to be out.

Sunday we had a repeat. I ran to the grocery store to grab some things for dinner and when I came back Katen was throwing a fit. I went to pick Katen up and gave Mike a hard time for farting. I jokingly told him I'd cry too if I was subjected to that smell. I took Katen into the living room but it smelled there too... and in the kitchen... and wait. It wasn't Daddy, it was Katen.

Another blow out. This time when I unsnapped her onesie it wasn't flowing out the leg part. It had gone up her back. I'm not talking just a little bit either. It looked like an explosion up her back, clear up to her shoulders. Out of desperation I just threw the onesie away and hosed Katen off in the Kitchen sink with the sprayer. She was a good sport thank goodness because it could have gotten really ugly. ...and I owe Mike an apology. It wasn't his fart. ...this time. ;)

Once again, like father like daughter.

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