Tuesday, June 15, 2010

We're going places

I put Ana down right here and now she's... over there!

Yes, dear sweet Ana is mobile. Not in the way that you might think. She's got all the mechanics down to crawl, but she's 20lbs of sweet love, and that's a lot to move for a 6 month old. Don't worry though. She uses her "roundness" to her advantage. She's a smart kid. She's found that if she throws all of her weight forward while sitting, she moves ahead toward what she wants. She can also crawl backward but that usually just lands her in a pickle.

Obviously she's sitting well these days. She started at about 5 mos just like her big sister. She really enjoys the new view, but she's a generally happy baby overall anyway. She's getting a few teeth on the bottom and it's been hard on us. Not a lot of sleeping going on in our house.

The girls are having a good summer so far. Both love baths so we have a little pool on our deck for them to play in. We've also made a few trips to the splash pad and tons of playground visits. Our next adventure is to get a library card in our new suburb. I guess they must have some super secret book stash or something because you MUST prove residency with a water bill and your drivers license to get a library card. Our first attempt wasn't pretty and they made Katen put her book back because I didn't just have a random water bill with me. (Meanies!)

Tomorrow we're heading to a local organic farm to pick strawberries. With all of the rain we've had it should be interesting. And muddy. According to the farmers, many of the berries are rotting so we'll see what we can find. We picked up a few pounds at the farmers market today just in case. :)

Katen has been keeping us laughing with her own words for things. Some of the latest are:
That's a bummer! ...and everything is "really." She'll say, "I really really have to go." or, "I'm really really hungry." Out of the blue one day, daddy came home and she said, "How was your day Daddyroo?" We're not sure where "Daddyroo" came from. She's also a big fan of her peanut butter, but she calls it "Peter Butter." When getting in the car, she can often be heard saying, "Let's rock this puppy!" from the back seat. She also likes to parrot the GPS in the car. "Turn left mommy! Turn left!"

Katen is really into pretend play. She'll tell me she's going to the store or will pour me a cup of pretend coffee. She can also be found singing to a variety of songs that she can sing from memory and dancing along. Some of her favorites are Take me out to the Ballgame, Little Teapot, The Iowa Fight song, Hot Dog (from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse), and a handful of others. She's good at singing Little Teapot and ABC's to Ana when she's upset. Lots of times I hear these songs coming from Katen's room at the high volume during naptime too.

The girls are at such fun ages right now. We're enjoying summer to its fullest and look forward to our new home being complete later this fall. Finally.

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