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It's been way too long since I last updated. Here are some of the things that went on during the month of October...

Ana learned to walk at about 10most, 2 wks, very similar to her big sister. Now half way through November she's an expert and can even dance a little bit if there's music that moves her.

The girls had fun on Halloween. We carved pumpkins and I let the girls play with the seeds and guts. It kept them busy for a good hour at least. Katen was a bee and Ana was a butterfly. We drove over to our new neighborhood and did our trick or treating there. At one of the houses, they asked Katen to tell a joke. She proudly asked them, "Why do bees have sticky hair?" When they said they didn't know, she jumped up and down and said in an excited voice, "...because they use honey combs!"

She picked that joke up on the way to Night Eyes at the Zoo the night before. Night eyes was packed and walking through the zoo was a very slow process. I think both girls (and definitely both parents) were ready to be done by the end. We may or may not have skipped a few stops just to get it over with.  :)

We also took the girls to a couple of pumpkin farms. They had a blast trying to tote the pumpkins around and the weather was great. One of the farms had a animals, a giant slide, a trampoline, and best of all, a huge corn pool. The girls had so much fun playing in the corn pool. Katen liked the slide into it, and Ana had fun running it through her fingers. Amazingly, Ana didn't try to eat any, but plenty came home in her diaper.

Katen has started dance lessons and really seems to enjoy them. Her teacher, Miss Evie, is amazing, and when I say amazing I mean AMAZING. She has the energy of those three year olds (Katen is the youngest) and then some. I don't know how she does it, but she's so fun and so animated that the girls just soak her up. She's the perfect first "teacher" for Katen. Katen prefers to call her "Abbie Cadaby." I don't know why.

As Katen nears three years old she's become very independent. She can pour her own drinks, make herself a peanutbutter sandwich, dress herself, get shoes on, and she's been potty trained all summer now. She's known her ABC's for almost a year and she's counting up to 20. She has something against number 16 though and often chooses to leave it out. She also knows her letter sounds and has been known to graffiti her name on the garbage can. (Not very sneaky.)

Ana has four teeth - the bottom two and the top two. She's currently working on a few more. I always know when a tooth is about to emerge because Ana is the calm and easy going baby. Nothing really gets her upset unless she's teething. Then watch out. It's also the only time she drools.

Ana is learning her signs as Katen did. She's doing well with milk, more, all done, and dog. She's fascinated with animals of any sort and can make the sounds of some of them as well. My favorite is her Whoo - Whoo for the owl. It's precious.

Ana can climb the stairs both up and down so we have to baby gate everything. She gets upset if Katen is napping and she is not because she wants to climb up to see her. Ana is Katen's biggest fan and for the most part they play together pretty well. There are some sharing issues at times but overall they play really cute together. They have a little play house that they love to spend time in. Ana peeks in the window at Katen and then busts through the door. Then they giggle and do it again. They also cook together in their play kitchen.

Earlier in the month, my father was killed in a tractor roll over accident. The girls made the trip with me two days in a row so that we could be at the visitation and the funeral. That meant napping in a different place and trying to behave during a very serious time. I feel like both girls did as well as they possibly could have  and I'm so proud of them. I think they may have brightened up a very difficult time for a few people too. I know having them with me helped lift my spirits for sure.

Here are a few random snippets of our life at home that I wrote down so that I wouldn't forget how funny my kids are:

Katen has taken all of the stuffing out of her lovey's head so it's flat, and she likes it that way despite my efforts to restuff and do surgery multiple times. Today she says to me, "Mommy look, Moe didn't look both ways." [when crossing the road] 

November 1 

Katen is sitting here singing the Super Why song at the top of her lungs as she colors at her table, and Ana is rearranging the animal shaped fridge magnets, making animals sounds. How did my kids get so stinkin' cute? 

Katen: "Hey Mommy! Ana has the hip hops!" [hiccup]

The girls are soundly sleeping after having a blast running around the apple orchard. Ana kept trying to ride the pumpkins and Katen kept trying to climb into people's wagons but all in all it was a great day and a fun time.

October 15 

"Katen, do you have a doggy at home?" "No, I have Ana." :)

October 14 

I let Katen play in her bee costume this morning. After a while she came up to me with a very serious face and said, "Mommy I can't go buzzing around with this butt sticking out." (her "stinger" ) LOL! I'm not sure what we can do about that. ;)

October 7
Mom will you straighten my hair too?

‎"You're a ham." "I'm not a ham, Mom. I'm Katen."

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