Monday, May 18, 2009

Pass the Salad please

We've been so lucky to have a good little veggie eater that I thought it might be a fun project to plant a garden this year. We seem to have a huge population of "bunnies" in our yard though so we had to get a little creative.

Katen and I picked out some large containers and hauled a bunch of soil onto our back deck to get the project started. I drilled some drainage holes in the tubs and we were ready to plant.

We're hoping to have yellow squash, two kinds of bell peppers, spinach, lettuce, blueberries, carrots, green onions, beans, two kinds of tomatoes and watermelon.

So far things are looking pretty good. We have a few sprouts...

tomatoes blueberry

Spinach Squash

Everything else is just tiny little sprouts... except for the watermelon. No sign of watermelon. Maybe it's a little slow.

Here's the whole "garden."


Daddy is bringing cookies to work tomorrow. Do you know what that means?

Katen is going to be a BIG SISTER! :)

I am almost 13wks along and baby #2 is due on November 25th or sooner.
Our OB's are concerned about another premature birth so I will be taking weekly injections in hopes of keeping the baby safely tucked in there until at least 36weeks.

...And with 75-80% accuracy, it looks like our final baby will be another little girl. We'll take another peek at about 20wks to confirm that.

Oh and I didn't bake the cookies so they're safe to eat. I only decorated them. Ha!

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