Thursday, December 4, 2008

Getting ready for Christmas

This Christmas will not be Katen's first. Here's a picture of her a year ago on Christmas day. I remember that the nurse wasn't supposed to remove her from under the Billy lights but she let us anyway. I was so grateful to her for that moment. She wasn't much bigger than the length of my arm.

My Oh My what a difference a year makes...

Have you seen my two teeth?

Here's Katen showing off her little chicklets. Only two teeth so far.

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Walking in a Winter ONEderland

Yep that's right, she's WALKING! Consistently. She's up to 16 steps at a time. I need to get some video but Katen is so proud of herself that she'll walk a little ways and then get so busy clapping for herself that she falls over. Ha! She had a great time entertaining everyone at Thanksgiving with her new skills.

This new milestone marks her transition into the "toddler" room at daycare and the requirement that she wear shoes while she's there now. That's not a problem though. She's got a few pairs of pretty snazzy shoes including red patent leather, cheetah spots, and some snazzy sneakers. Katen loves her pediped shoes.
I've also been working on the details of her first birthday party which will be a "Winter ONEderland" theme.

Here's the cake (except it will have blue satin ribbon as opposed to the red velvet in the picture)

This little guy will sit on top

Here's her dress and bow (the white ribbon on the bow has snowflakes on it)

And the invitations - "It's a winter One-derland. Join us for some frosty fun to celebrate Katen turning one."

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