Friday, July 18, 2008

Football, Sign Language, and Raspberries

Sorry, no snazzy title today. After Katen successfully slept all night for two nights straight, she returned to her old self last night. I'll remember those two restful nights fondly.


On Wednesday we watched Daddy play in his last regular season flag football game. Of course they won. They're that good. (for 30-something men.) Our friend Amy, who is a whiz with the camera, was shooting pictures of the game, so I had a little fun editing some. (above) She also snapped a few of Katen. This one melts my heart...

We really look forward to watching Daddy play and visiting with the other wives and kids. It's a nice mid-week break and the weather has been great so far.

Last night we had our "Singing Together" class again. Katen enjoyed it a little more this time and spent a good portion of the class sitting on the floor blowing raspberries REALLY loudly, drooling like a St.Bernard. I don't know how many people have asked, "Is she teething?" Who knows. We keep thinking so, but there's still no signs on those adorable gummy smiles.

Katen's friends Maya, Ella, and Jacob seem to be getting more out of the class than we are but they're older too. They shake their maracas and clap their hands. We... well we like to eat the maracas. I'm sure there's some educational value in that too though, right?

Honestly, I think Katen just knows that the songs are dorky. She's smart that way. And it's true. The songs are totally dorky. And boring. And incredibly educational. Zzzz snooze. We're supposed to listen to the recorded CD every day in the car. Frankly it makes me miss Baby Mozart. I'm a horrible influence. How about we compromise with some U2 Lullaby's instead, Katen? (now you're talkin')

Speaking of education, sign language is going okay. Katen sort of knows milk and will do it for me when she's not tired. Singing more is a little more interpretive. You have to use your imagination a little. I've decided that maybe just this once I'll allow Katen to watch a video. I've downloaded some episodes of a show called Signing Time and My Baby Can Talk on my laptop, and I think I'll let her watch it. There's also a little song using the words More, Milk, and Please that I want her to see. She loves music and I think it will give her another avenue for learning the signs. I'll let you know how it goes.

...and one more picture. I tried to do a photo shoot at home and thought none of the pictures really came out well. Then I looked back and saw this one.

She. Cracks. Me. Up. Thhhhht!

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