Wednesday, July 2, 2008

6 month pro picture slide show

Ohhh baby pickle was in true pickle form so there aren't many good ones, but it's done. Six month pictures - check!

I think I'll do another photo shoot at home maybe this weekend. I seem to have better luck when it's just pickle and me at home. My awesome camera (that Daddy gave Mommy for mother's day) makes it look easy too. It all but takes the picture for you. Stay tuned!

Improving sleep: upate

Yep. I jinxed it.

Here's how last night went down...

8pm asleep
10:45 awake
11pm asleep

1:45 WIDE awake, not hungry, fussy. We eat. We bounce. We rock. I pat. She fusses. She throws a tantrum in her crib. I'm not keen on it, but I let her cry for a bit. For a second it's quiet and then WAHhhhhhhhh!

3:45 FINALLY back asleep in mom's arms as we "sleep" in the rocking chair.

Katen -1, Mommy - 0

Now back to my regularly scheduled caffeine...

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