Saturday, May 3, 2008

It's Tulip Time!

Katen attended her first Tulip Time today. Mom and Dad walked with her in her baby parade. She wore the Dutch Costume that Mommy wore as a baby which was kind of special. It was a little windy but nice weather for spring. The tulips were in bloom and it was a nice walk. Katen was a good sport while we got some lunch and shopped for shoes. Grandma Debby bought her some wooden shoes of her own. So cute! After lunch and visiting with lots of family, Katen had some lunch of her own and then zonked out in her stoller for the majority of the parade. Near the end, a particularly loud announcer woke her up but she was a good sport and even posed for a few pictures after the parade for Grandpa Remer, Laura, and Grandma Debby. It was a full day and we were glad to get back home and collapse.

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