Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Multimedia baby

It's no surprise that Katen loves buttons. She has her own toy cell phone, TV remote, laptop, ipod, etc but she knows the difference and prefers the real thing. She's also a big fan of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse so we use this to our advantage in desperate times. (restaurants mostly) by downloading a Mickey Mouse video to my Ipod. Here are some pictures of Katen playing with it...

Desperate times at a restaurant. (Can't blame her. We were there for three hours!)

She's holding the earphones up to her ear as she grabs for a snack.

Do you love my pigtails?

...and here are Katen and Daddy watching March madness. My two couch potatoes. :) Yep, the loveseat is still in front of the fireplace. It's safer that way.

Glimpses of Spring!

We've been so lucky in the last few months go get some really nice days in here and there. We're getting a lot of 60's and even a couple of 70 degree days from time to time.
We've taken lots of walks to the park, and even walked to the library one day. (The library is 15 blocks away!) We have fun at home too though. Katen really enjoys sweeping and loading rocks in and out of her little bucket. ...and in and out, and in and out, and...

Here are some pictures of Katen just having fun.

The snow drift is taller than her stroller.
Sporting her raincoat... and a very serious face.

Busy sweepin'

Taking a break from loading rocks

How cool am I!?
(Oh how I love those baby blues.)

St. Patty's Day

In honor of St. Patty's day and a BEAUTIFUL streak of nice weather, I took Katen downtown to see the St. Patty's Day parade. We packed a lunch and headed to the streets. We found a relatively easy place to park and had good luck finding a place to sit along the curb as well. Katen munched on her lunch as we waited for the parade to begin. Here she is waiting patiently.

Once the parade started some of the kids around us got a little wild running into the streets to grab the random things people were giving out. However some of them were kind and shared with our little pickle. Here she's checking out a gold coin...

And here we're about to head home. She got a couple of gold coins, a rubber duck, a rubber duck dressed as a little Irish dude and of course some green beads. The beads are actually her favorite and she wears them around the house very stylishly.

Cookie Monster!

Great Grandma and Grandpa VW came for a visit and brought Katen some fun stuff! I think she reads the book they brought daily (at least!) and I'm pretty sure they have a special place in her heart for bringing her first decorated cookie.

Do you think she liked it!?

She looooved it!
....and I've been craving those awesome cookies ever since then. Only THOSE cookies from THAT bakery will do. Nobody else makes them the same. As a side story, when I was a little girl, my Grandma would take me to that bakery to get a Miss Piggy cookie very similar to the bunny cookie they brought Katen, except Miss Piggy's nose was all frosting. yum!

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