Friday, February 26, 2010

Speaking Toddlereese

Katen chatters a lot. She gets that from her Dad. :)

Today I was trying to nudge my hip into a chair so that I could sit and nurse at the table where Katen was eating lunch. I thought I heard her say, "You suck." I looked at her and said, "WHAT???" She repeated it and I realized she was asking, "Are you stuck?" whew!

Sometimes we just have to laugh at the words she comes up with. For example:

Fumich = sandwich
Napett = napkin
tea towl is actually her way of saying tortilla
I think I already mentioned bandans (band-aids)
oh and fooms = spoons

I'm sure there are more. Just wait. Haha :)

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Friday, February 19, 2010

New Adventure in Chocolate

I've decided to become a Dove Chocolate Discoveries Chocolatier. I figure that I love chocolate and it kind of sells itself, right? Plus it will be nice to have some spending money of my own. I miss bringing home a little bacon. ;)
Check out my new blog dedicated to the business at: WillWork4Chocolate

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Big Girls

I was so struck today by how fast our girls are growiing that I had to sit down and write about it.

We've moved Katen's toys down to the finished basement so she has this huge room to play in. While we were down there, I went into the store room to grab our Bumbo for Ana to play in. There I saw Katen's old Jumparoo. (Still with me? A bumbo is a little seat that supports them sitting upright and a jumperoo is like a johny jump up only you don't hang it. It stands alone.) I pulled out the jumparoo just to see how much longer it would be until I could put Ana in it and have her touch the ground with her feet. Katen was about 6 mos before she could play in it, and we had to put books below her feet because she was still too short. Well imagine my suprise when Ana could touch the ground at not quite three months. Wow she's tall! ...And how did those three months fly by?

After recovering from the shock I looked to see what Katen was doing and she was sitting on her little red trike. She's always loved playing with the buttons that honk the horn and play songs but it's been a gift she had to grow into because she couldn't reach the pedals. Well guess what. She had her feet on the pedals. I can't believe how fast they grow! All of her pants are getting to be high waters too, so we need spring to get her so we can pass them off as cropped pants. Ha!

If anybody knows how to freeze time, let me know. Although I imagine things just keep getting more and more fun. They have been so far. Man, I love our kids. :)

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Monday, February 15, 2010

Sledding... down the stairs

Katen and Daddy have built a nice little sledding ramp down our back stairs. The only problem is that it heads straight for a tree.

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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Weaves and Wemons

It's become clear that Katen doesn't pronounce her "L" sounds very well. We noticed it first with her passion for collecting fallen "weaves" and most recently as she reads her book about sour "wemons." Her pediatrician says not to worry though.

She's also convinced that all things run on batteries. When her CD player (that plugs in) stopped playing music she told me It doesn't work. It needs Batteries! We need to go Bye, Bye to the store.

Here are a few pictures to show what else we've been up to...

^ Katen at 2 mos (adjusted) and Ana at 2 mos.

<> <>
^ Katen has been working on ABC's and 123's. She can count to 11, sometimes higher, and knows a good portion of her alphabet. Our afternoon learning activities have been centered around creating letters. A alligator, B bee, C crab, D duck, and P peacock. (She was obsessed with the word peacock one day so we made him out of order.) I've been sandwiching the letters in contact paper once they're created because you can see what happened to Mr. Peacock and who knows what demise the D duck met. He's MIA.

^ This pretty much sums up our December and January. Record snowfall, lots of ice. Enough said. Let's not dwell on it. ;)

^ our Groundhog Day craft

^ F is for fish! I hope gluestick isn't toxic, because those fish on the F are missing...

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