Wednesday, December 26, 2007

December 26

Katen is looking good today. Her jaundice is better so she's no longer under the lights. They finally put some clothes on her and she just looks like such a little lady. She remembered to breathe all night last night after an episode during the day so there's one good one in the books. We just need 4 more good nights. She also figured out that sucking on a nipple is good news so there's another hurdle down. (She's smart like Daddy) My husband fed her from a bottle tonight and she ate her ounce of milk like a champ. This is a vast change from even yesterday when she'd forget to swallow or get too tired to suck any longer half way through the bottle. She's still on IV but we're increasing breast milk and lowering IV levels each day. They've also moved it back to her head. Katen was fairly alert today and was moving her head toward Daddy's voice when he talked to her. All in all it was a very encouraging day. One step ahead and one step closer to coming home. Those prayers are working!

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