Thursday, December 20, 2007

Favorite Links

Homemade Babyfood
Baby food recipes and tips
Cuisinart Babyfood Recipes

Coupons, Bargains, Rebates, etc.
A full cup - coupons, rebates,etc
Diaper & Formula Deals for the week
Mamabargains - check daily for bargain of the day
Price Grabber - best prices and rebates
Slick Deals
Baby Cheapskate Blog
Proctor&Gamble saver

Betty Crocker - Recipes
Kraft Foods - recipes

Child Development
American Academy of Pediatrics
Dr. Sears
Funky Stork - for the Dads
March of Dimes
Mom 4 Life
Moms Wearing Puke - Reflux Support
Pathways Awareness - developmental delays
Zero to Three - child development

Nods & Ends - Land of Nod outlet
Manhattan Toy

Sign Language
Video dictionary of signs
Videos from SigningTime on
ICanSign - this is where I can chat with other Moms teaching baby sign language
BabyCenter - another chat resource

General links
Alpha Mom

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Pickle's Growth

Site for Interactive Growth Charts

12/30/2008 21lbs, 29 inches, 50% for height and weight. 75% for head circumference

9/30/08 19lbs, 3oz 27 inches 50th % for height and weight. Hemoglobin =14 (excellent)

6/24/08 16lbs, 3oz 26.25in. 50th% for weight, 75th% for height!

05/22/08 15lbs, 2oz 24in.

04/21/08 13lbs, 14oz 24in *Starting solids, 50th percentile for height and weight.

02/01/08 9lbs 19in

01/04/08 6lbs, 7oz 19in.

12/21/07 5lbs, 10oz, 18.5 in.

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