Friday, June 20, 2008

Home show

We all went to the home show last night. Katen was SO well behaved!! We were blown away!!

I carried her in her moby wrap and she had a great time flirting with all of the men and smiling at all of the ladies and kids. She loves to people watch, and I had no idea how much attention we would attract when wearing a baby. :) Ha!

Daddy was so great too. When you enter the houses you have to wear these booties on your feet. They're similar to what surgeons wear with their scrubs. However they're hard to put on and take off when you're wearing a baby so before we entered a house, Mike knelt down and put my booties on for me. Then when we finished touring the house he took them off for me. Then we walked to the next house and he got back down and put them on me again. There were eight houses. What a guy! He deserves some brownie points. Don't you think?

I know some of you are now curious what a Moby is. Here's a picture of the most amazing (and comfy) baby wrap ever created.

If you can't beat 'em, join 'em.

Katen is helping Daddy play his online game.


Well making my own baby food has proven to be a success and our stash is growing. So far I've collected a lot of great websites for babyfood recipes and I've made Peaches, Avacados, and Apples.

Katen really seems to love the apples and she's still a fan of the Gerber organic peas. I've been trying to keep her food organic to be a little "greener" and to reduce her exposure to chemicals. I'm hoping to get some great fruits and veggies at the farmers market this summer so that I can make more. It's really pretty easy and much cheaper. I've been using Ziploc microwave steam bags to steam the fruits and veggies. That makes the skins slip right off and then I plop everything into the food processor. Viola, babyfood!

On a related note, we need to find some smaller bibs...

I don't make this stuff up

Ever feel like drama follows you?

I treated myself to a brownie today. It had cream cheese frosting. My Favorite!!! I took two bites and then realized of the sprinkles does not look like the others.

A closer look... Yes, the mosquitos are really bad this year. Really. Bad.

When I told Katen about it, this was her response.

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