Friday, July 11, 2008

You haven't lived until you've had spit-up between your toes

Katen was banned from daycare today. Looking back, I'm SO glad.

Yesterday she had three blowouts. Daycare rules say she has to be out for 24 hours after the last blowout so the kiddo and mommy had a fun day.

I really couldn't have asked for a better behaved little girl. She drank her bottles without rubber necking (she's a curious kid with better things to do than eat) and she napped when she was supposed to nap. We ran some errands in the morning. Got some water and formula. Then we picked up some bubbles.

How fun! Katen had a good time with the bubbles. The perplexed faces she made when they popped and floated away were so cute! Daddy had the camera with him at the golf tournament today or I would have snapped away. She really enjoys being outside and it wasn't as sweltering in the shade. I think the temp for today hovered around 90 degrees and it's pretty humid. Hopefully we weren't out long enough for her allergies to flare up. We'll do a dose of Zyrtec before bed tonight.

We had a good time inside too. Katen was pretty relaxed today and let me get a tiny bit of cleaning done while she played in her jumperoo and practiced trying to crawl when she was put down by her play gym. From time to time, I'd give her a few ounces of pedialyte. She's still a little poo machine so between that and the heat I wanted to keep her hydrated. Well sometimes she likes it a lot and drinks too much for her tummy to hold. This was one of those times and when I sat her up to burp, she spewed down my leg and between my toes. Now try to hold a squirmy baby and wipe spit from between your toes. It "ain't" easy folks. When I used to dream of motherhood, these were not the moments I imagined, but I love it anyway. You just have to laugh and I'm telling you... You haven't lived until you've had spit up between your toes. I hear milk is good for the skin, so I'll call it "a pedicure."

Shortly after cleaning my toes off she got my shirt too. This isn't an uncommon occurrence. It happens all the time so I wiped myself down and went on with my business. Honestly if I changed every time she puked on my I'd go through 5,6,7 shirts a day maybe. Plus I wasn't going anywhere. ....except an hour later when I remembered I needed to pick up a new shower handle. (Yeah, super mom here keeps pulling it clean off the wall. This is number 3.) I packed a quick bag of diapees, wipes, and my wallet and headed out with Katen. The kiddo got a lot of attention in the store. People were staring at her cuteness and one lady even pointed at her. I'm thinking Yes, thank you, I know she's cute. It's all thanks to her Daddy. The reality hits and I realize I am sporting a very fashionable (dried) puke stripe down my shirt. They are making fun of me. Sexy. Nobody can say I'm not a hands on mom. I have a puke badge to prove it!

The rest of the day was just as great as the morning. We ate some pureed organic apples (which are delish!), had a fun bath, and Katen got to wear her first pair of big girl PJ's. Did you know that once they hit 6 mos sizes, pretty much anything up to 2T actually fits? Her PJ's are size 18mos. They fit fine thanks to "diaper butt." :) awww... my little girl is growing up.

She's laying peacefully in her crib now. We read a few books and snuggled with our lovey for a while before nodding off for the night. Aren't they precious when they sleep? Such innocence.

Daddy came home from golfing so I took the opportunity to install my new shower handle and, well, take a shower. Except... I broke the handle again. Yes. I'm serious.
I do things like that all the time. I'm perfectly imperfect, and I'll write about that another time. Right now, I'm going to take advantage of an early bedtime and say goodnight. Sweet dreams...zzzzz

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