Monday, June 23, 2008

A rolling stone gathers no moss

Last week, the trick of the moment was to blow raspberries. THIS week Katen figured out that she can get around by a combination of rolling, scooting, and combat crawling. Usually the target is the cat who she is fascinated with. Just wait until she crawls. The cat is in for a treat. Ha! So far, Katen can push up on her arms, and she can get her knees under her but not both at the same time. If she does manage both at the same time, she doesn't go anywhere... yet. Real crawling is just around the corner though. I can feel it!

She's also rediscovered her voice and has been "singing" to us. Especially when she's tired she'll babble on and on. I heard her having a conversation with the monkeys on her Jumparoo this morning as I got ready for work. It sounded pretty intense!

We're working on the next level of motor skills too. I gave Katen a sippy cup during our play time this morning just to see what she would do with it. Much to my surprise, after showing her how to get it in her mouth, she caught the hang of it. She's still a little akward using both hands together and still bonks herself on the head with it if she gets one hand free, but she gets the concept and can get the nipple part to her mouth. She's also good at passing it from hand to hand but really needs both to ease it into her mouth. Such a smart cookie! (Of course I'm not biased...)

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