Sunday, August 3, 2008

Baptism day

Katen had her Baptism today. She was absolutely fascinated with John who presided over the ceremony. I'll include the video below. I will only be keeping it up for a little while, because it gives too many details about our name, location, etc. It's about 8 minutes long so grab some popcorn.

Oh! and in case you're confused... John calls me "Heather" a couple of times during the ceremony. Heather is my sister. (Between the two of us, she's the more memorable one. Trust me.) He was just mixed up, bless his heart.

Before the ceremony even started, he called me Heather and Mike said, "Honey you'd better tell him that's not your name." I blew it off because pretty much everyone calls me Heather and I get tired of correcting them. I didn't think my name would be part of the ceremony. Guess I was wrong. It wasn't really a big deal to me though.

After the ceremony Katen showed off by trying to crawl in her oh-so-girly dress. It also made her break out in a rash so I promptly took it off and she was comfy in her cotton sundress for the rest of the day. At dinner I decided to try something fun and give her an actual pickle spear to suck on. I fully expected to see her wrinkle her nose. Of course in true Katen fashion..... she loved it! She wanted more. She was even ticked that I wouldn't let her finish it. (There's way too much salt in a pickle for her tiny digestive system.) Go figure!

Got your popcorn? Okay, here it goes...

(edit: Ask me for the video. I took it down since it uses our full names.)

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