Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Multimedia baby

It's no surprise that Katen loves buttons. She has her own toy cell phone, TV remote, laptop, ipod, etc but she knows the difference and prefers the real thing. She's also a big fan of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse so we use this to our advantage in desperate times. (restaurants mostly) by downloading a Mickey Mouse video to my Ipod. Here are some pictures of Katen playing with it...

Desperate times at a restaurant. (Can't blame her. We were there for three hours!)

She's holding the earphones up to her ear as she grabs for a snack.

Do you love my pigtails?

...and here are Katen and Daddy watching March madness. My two couch potatoes. :) Yep, the loveseat is still in front of the fireplace. It's safer that way.

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