Thursday, April 9, 2009

Pickle Meets the Easter Bunny

We went to visit the Easter Bunny today. As I was trying to decide what activity we'd do for the day it occurred to me that we hadn't seen the bunny yet. I wasn't sure if Katen would sit with him or not, because she's been attached to Mommy at the hip lately but she LOVED him! She really likes soft things and she kept stroking his hand. Ha!

Thank goodness it was easy to get a picture because Katen isn't really feeling very well and by the time we got done, neither was I. Poor Katen was just getting over a cold when it settled in her chest so she has a cough now and she's trying to cut her bottom canine teeth and molars. I think seeing the Easter Bunny is the least I could do for her today. :)

Here she is having a snack while we waited.

Hey Mom! What's with the dress?

Does this camera angle make my butt look big?

My nose is running and my mouth is drooling. How can you expect a smile today? (...But doesn't she look just beautiful in her dress? I love it.)


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