Friday, December 28, 2007

December 28

Guess what! We're preparing to bring Katen home!
We're still on our countdown to 5 consecutive days without Bradycardia or Apneic episodes and so far so good! Katen has taken her bottle like a champ for two days now and is making it almost all the way through before tiring out. We could not be more thrilled!!!! Her IV is coming out tomorrow and glucose was stopped today. Her blood sugar levels looked great after that so we just need to continue without episodes tomorrow and complete our carseat test and then we can take her home on Sunday. Katen will wear a Respisense monitor at home when she sleeps to monitor her breathing. That will at least give me some peace of mind that she won't stop breathing while I sleep.
We are going to ring in the new year with our Daughter at HOME! (or we're pretty sure anyway.) We feel so blessed.

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