Saturday, December 29, 2007

December 29th

It looks like tonight is Mike and my last night alone. (YAY!!!) Miss Katen is still on track to come home tomorrow. She passed her carseat check, hasn't had any measurable episodes, and had her IV removed completely today. She's weighing in at about 5.5lbs and will go home in her preemie clothes that we ran out and bought after seeing her swim in newborn sizes. So cute! She did have a major regurgitation last night and spit up about 50ml of formula. (The entire bottle) but she ate really well for us all day and has really caught the hang of opening her mouth and sucking on the bottle. She looks like a hungry little bird straining her neck and opening her mouth for that bottle. I can't tell you how precious it is and what relief it brings me. lol!

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