Thursday, December 27, 2007

December 27

What a great day! Katen has had her feeding tube removed and now only the IV and vitals lines remain. They're going to allow her to eat as much breast milk as she'll take as well. If that works for all feedings today then they'll continue but if she starts regurgitating it then they'll go back to limiting feedings to an ounce. There were no Apneic episodes or Bradycardia last night so we're still on the count down to taking her home. Her last episode was December 25 so if she continues without any more we can look at taking her home on New Years Eve. If she does have another then the 5 day countdown starts over and she'll have to stay longer. She was very sleepy today during her 3pm feeding and we had a hard time getting her to eat all of her bottle but you know what? She's sucking on a bottle which is good and she kept it down which is also good so I'm definitely calling today a win. :) Hopefully at some point she'll be able to nurse. One thing at a time though. I feel kind of like a Dairy cow right now using the pump but if it doesn't work out that's fine too. I'm just glad she's getting what I can give her. It doesn't really matter how.

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