Monday, September 22, 2008

First Day of Fall

... and its warm and humid today. :)

We had a lot of fun this past weekend. Daddy was out of town with a friend so it was just Pickle and Mommy. I relaxed my standards a little bit (okay a lot!!) and we ordered out for dinner Friday night. We had chicken fingers! Of course she liked it and also the cheese stick she shared with me. "Nyom, nyom, nyon" is the new sound she makes when she eats. So cute!

After dinner, we went to the park. Here are a few pictures...

Lets do it AGAIN!

After the park it was time for a bath and then bedtime. Katen's favorit book right now is a book about Thumper the rabbit and how he hops though the woods chasing a butterfly. Each page has something texturized to touch. I used to have to point out where the patch was but now she finds it on her own. She's fascinated with the fur and the spongy grass. She also likes her 10 Ladybugs book. She likes rubbing the smooth ladybugs on the page. It's nice that she's finally at the age where she'll sit for a short book or two.

She's been sleeping better at night since about 8 mos so she was only up once and slept until 7:30am. Based on her cues we moved bedtime from 7pm to 8pm and it's really working well. She's eliminated her evening nap and now takes a snooze around 10am and 2 or 3pm. Then she's up until bedtime. Miss Pickle is way to adventurous to sleep much during the day so the night time sleep is especially important.

On Saturday Katen and I ran errands. She helped me shop for groceries and we picked up a massive baby gate to block the kitchen entry from the living room. Right now the living room and nursery are babyproofed so that's where the gates will hopefully keep her. If you've been to our house, you know that this area includes the stairs. Right now I'm not blocking them. She's great at climbing up and we're working on climbing back down. She does great climbing down if she's only up a few steps, but she has to think really hard and sometimes panics if she's up much higher. She's afraid to put her foot back down to the next step sometimes. I've let her climb and fall (into my arms) just so that she learns that stairs can be dangerous. I think that's gone a long way toward teaching her to be cautious. As a result I don't think the stairs are going to be a problem. She's fairly respectful of her current capabilities for the time being.

After running errands and a nap, Katen and I went outside to take some pictures. I don't know how many beautiful fall days there will be and I noticed there were some leaves on the ground that Katen might like. We don't go outside much because of her allergies, so leaves are totally new to her.
Here are some of the pictures I took...

And OOPS! She fell over and giggled!

Daddy came home after Katen was in bed Saturday night. On Sunday we cleaned and Katen laughed huge belly laughs and she and I mopped together. Every time I pushed the mop forward she'd laugh like it was the funniest thing in the world. Let me tell you, that makes mopping way more fun for both of us! She also "helped" me install the baby gate. I think it took twice as long as it should have with her "help" but hopefully she'll grow up knowing her way around a tool box. :)
...and now it's Monday again. Back to work and back to daycare. I'm going to pick her up early though because I miss her already. shhhhh...

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