Friday, May 30, 2008

Baby TV

Did you know there's a network devoted solely to TV for babies? ...and I'm sure you've seen the Little Einstein videos advertised. Just because a product is on the market, doesn't mean it's good for your child.

Here's an article from one of the newsletters I receive each week:

TV for babies?While babies may like the sights and sounds of a TV, research strongly suggests that watching TV is not healthy for children under the age of 2. A recent study showed that infants learn about emotions based on what they hear from others. This includes not just their parents' pleasant talk but also the actors' argument on TV. While there are still questions about the impact of television viewing on babies, the evidence is growing that it may interfere with healthy development. Interacting with you and exploring safe toys are far better uses of a baby's waking hours.

While Katen would love nothing more than to be a couch potato, I think we'll wait. :)

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