Sunday, March 13, 2011

What? March already? How?

I don't know where the time goes. I guess we're just having too much fun.  :)

Well since October, Ana has turned one, Katen has turned three.
We took a trip to California to visit Great Grandma and Grandpa Remer. We'll not be flying with the girls again anytime soon.  Ha!

We moved into our new house a week before Christmas. I think we're finally getting settled. There are a few curtains up and I'm embracing the fact that the house will simply be decorated in beige, white, and black because those are the colors I feel safe with. I'm a little decoratively challenged.

The girls are growing up so quickly. Ana and Katen are taking showers now instead of baths. Ana looooves the water. She's our little fishy. Katen... not as much but she tolerates the shower because she can avoid the stream. Before each shower she says to me, "Please no 'dishner today mommy?"  She hates having shampoo or conditioner washed out of her hair. Unfortunately to keep it under control, she requires a lot of conditioner.

Ana's favorite things to do right now are running and jumping, followed closely by climbing. She climbs onto our ottoman and leaps from it. Thank goodness she's a tough cookie. She's also a good mommy to her dollies. She's a little more domestic than Katen in that she likes to love her babies, love/snuggle with Katen, and help me clean. Katen, on the other hand loves to make crafts and cook with me.

Katen has taught Ana the art of pretending, so I'll often catch Ana playing like she's filling cups or cooking. Then she'll take a pretend sip. Sounds effects and all. It cracks me up.

Ana is really starting to say more words now. By FAR her favorite is Mommy? Mommy. Mommy! Momeeeeee!  She's a big daddy's girl too though. One of her favorite daily rituals is snuggling with Daddy before she tells him goodbye for the day. I think "Bye Bye Dada" was one of her first two-word phrases.

Katen continues to enjoy dance classes. There are times where I think she gives her (really awesome) teacher a run for her money, but she is the youngest member of the class after all. I have a feeling that Katen would enjoy tumbling or soccer more though. She just needs to be another year older for those things. Katen isn't really into the typical "princess" stuff that many other girls are. She loves to dress up, etc but she definitely evens it out with her love of sports and being active in general.

Tomorrow I will sign both girls up for another session of story time at a local library. Last session, I only had Katen signed up, as she's old enough to attend on her own. Ana and I would play in the play area while Katen was in there but Ana missed her so badly that she'd just hang by the door and peek in looking for Katen. It's so sweet the bond those two have. They love each other when one is hurt, and Katen often tries to show off her "baby sister" to anyone in the grocery store who will stop and talk with her. Although Ana is nearly the same height and weight as Katen, I think she will always be her "Baby Sister." Someone asked Katen is we had a dog the other day. Once again (this has happened before) she replied, "Nope we have Ana."

 Here are some of the cute things the girls have done or said recently that I have written down.

I'm sitting here watching Ana very carefully line up her blueberries across the table. She transfers them from her bowl, to a muffin cup, to the lineup. I swear she's going to be a surgeon or something that requires great detail. She's definitely a "details" girl. Things have to be just right. :)
My Grandma used to hang Easter Eggs on her front bushes in the Spring. As a kid I thought it was the coolest thing ever. Since we don't have any bushes yet, we made an Easter egg... "branch" for our centerpiece. The kids love it as much as I remember loving it. :) Katen said, "Thank you for making the Easter Egg tree. It makes my heart happy."
I just dust busted my children after snack time. Crumbs everywhere! Katen thought it was awesome and Ana might need therapy. lol!
"MOMMY!!! Ana flushed my pants in the toilet!" Argh. Bed time yet?
Oooh dear. Ana has learned to cross her arms and turn her head when she's not happy about something. She learned it from the master, Katen. I'd hoped we could wait a little longer for this type of attitude out of Ana. Katen only just started doing it. argh. lol!
Spent almost 4 hours in the ER last night getting Katen's fever cooled down (strep). Crawled into bed at midnight. Ana woke at 2:15 refusing to go back to sleep. Katen was back up at 4am and then woke Ana and I both up again at 6am. Nights like that make me appreciate the normal ones much more. :) 
I asked Katen if she was turning into a bird. (her comforter sheds feathers) She said, "Yeah I'm a quail." ...and I asked, do you lay eggs? "Oh no! Not in the house!" LOL!!!
Katen is sitting at my desk writing a letter to mamo (grandma): Hi Mamo, I love you. I hope you love me too. Then end. Love Katen.
According to Katen: "Mom you can't just go around tickling people when peoples are eating. Some peoples might choke... like this *#&@&@&#."
Well... she has a point. Sorry kiddo. :)
I'm lucky that my kids will eat pretty much anything. (sushi, salsa, meat, etc) The funny part is when they find something completely normal that they just detest. I found today that Ana hates Ranch dressing. She took one taste and made a face like it was the most vile substance she'd ever put in her mouth, even gagging for added drama. Who doesn't love ranch!?!?
Heard from the playroom: "No babyzilla. No no! Ana stop! Bad Anazilla. Moooooom! "
Katen had a great Dr visit. 1 immunization and no tears. Ana actually lost weight. (No more super mommy milk)
Ana is 24lbs and 31 inches tall (90%)
Katen is 29lbs and 36 inches (25%)
So I was changing Ana and reached for a diaper. In that moment she sprang up, scaled the side of Katen's train table, and peed in it. Nice. I'd hoped to wait a little longer for those kinds of shenanigans.
I asked Katen if she needed a spoon to eat her cake with. She said, "No I can eat it with my face." ahhh true. :)
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