Friday, December 11, 2009

Welcome Ana!

On November 25th at 2:41am, Katen's little sister, Ana Elise made her arrival.

Contractions started around midnight and right away were about 3 minutes apart. We decided we'd better get to the hospital since labor was short with Katen's delivery, and arrived at the hospital shortly after 1am. We could tell the nurse was skeptical that I was truly in labor because we were pretty calm. She decided not to put an IV in and told us she'd "check back in an hour to see if anything happens." By the time she checked back I was almost ready to deliver and really working through a lot of pain. By the time they finally got the paperwork to us that we needed to fill out in order to put the IV in, Mike had to fill them out because I couldn't. As soon as the IV was in, my OB arrived and broke my water. Immediately I felt the urge to push, so in two pushes Ana arrived. (If she hadn't had such broad shoulders it would have been one.)

Ana weighed 7lbs, 12oz and was 20 inches long. Due to the fast delivery, her face was bruised and swollen but she's still qite adorable. She's got some light brown hair and looks a lot like her big sister at this age.
After begging the OB and Pediatricians, Ana and I were released from the hospital a day early so that we could be home for Thanksgiving.

Recovery has gone extremely well and Katen is great with her little sister. She's very gentle and a big helper. Katen has been a little extra naughty trying to grab some additional attention but now that Ana is two weeks old, even that is starting to fade. Each familly member is starting to settle into their new role. So far, so good!

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