Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Where's the ball?

I had to share this quick story before I forget. At least daily Katen does something that completely cracks me up and/or surprises me. Here's one example...

Katen was playing quietly with her toys. I was sitting nearby watching. She comes up to me and shows me a small ball.
She says, "Mine ball!"
I said, "yep, that's your ball."
Then she takes the ball, shoves it down my shirt really quickly, and then gives me this innocent look, looks all around with her hands up in question, and says, "Ball... are you?  (Ball, Where are you?)

I often make a game out of finding things by saying [whatever we're trying to find] ...where are you? until we find it. Now I guess she's caught on to the fact that sometimes I'm the one who hid it and wanted to play too. Ha!

When I pulled the ball out she acted all excited and said, "There you!!"  (she always forgets the "are" on the end)

Man I love this kid.  :)

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