Friday, July 3, 2009

Hot fun in the Summer time

Summer is really underway now and we've had so much fun! Here are a few summer pictures to show you what we've been up to...

Katen and Mommy sharing her craving of the week - smoothies!
These are the injections mommy is taking to keep Katen's little SISTER from coming too early.

I love this picture. Katen always hooks her toes into the tray of her high chair. I adore those pudgy toes!

Independence Day! The fireworks are loud so Katen plugs her ears.

First corn on the cob!

She's got a new set of wheels this summer.

Did I mention she climbs EVERYTHING!

Some of the other fun things she's doing include
-making sounds like an elephant. If you ask her what the elephant says, she puts her lips together and blows raspberries.
-blowing on hot food. At first she'd blow through her nose but now she's got the hang of blowing with her mouth. She moves her head back and forth across the tray to make sure she gets it all.
- telling you how old she is. She holds her little index finger up to indicate "one" if you ask her how old she is.
-pretending. She likes to have tea parties with Mom and Dad and pretends to eat and put her babies to sleep. She's a good mother... most of the time.
-opening the fridge. She has definite opinions about what she wants to eat these days.
Katen do you want cereal? no.
Do you want yogurt? no.
How about oatmeal? Pease!
-not enjoying her stroller. ugh! Katen now hates to ride in the stroller or in the cart for trips to the grocery store. She'd rather get down and walk but then she takes off in a dead sprint.
-filling and emptying things. Katen could spend a half hour just filling her bucket with pool water and dumping it into another.
-wearing bracelets. I think it's funny that she picked up on this fashion statement because mommy never wears jewelery. However Katen loves to wear her little round links (the kind you attach toys with) on her wrists. She's generally not found with any less than three in various colors. She even insists on wearing them to bed most nights.
Overall it's been a great summer. Katen's been having fun and the pregnancy is going well with baby #2 for the most part. We have lots to be thankful for!

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