Sunday, January 18, 2009

What we're up to...

We've been having some fun in the past few weeks, but last week was exceptionally cold. On one day in particular it was negative 19 degrees with a serious windchill. We couldn't go out that day and cabin fever nearly killed us but we made it. Let's hope the weather cooperates for the rest of the winter.

These are some of the shennanigans that Katen has gotten into while at home...

Relaxing with Grandpa

Doing laundry...
"Mom! There'd better not be any underwear in here."

"Here's lookin' at you kid."

...and the softer side, cruising with the lovey.

"I'd like to know exactly why you think these socks are funny."

...before the snow got higher than her head.

Poor Swiffer. What does a cat have to do to get some sleep?

Gaming: Level 1 Human

...aaaaand I'm pretty sure this is not what Fisher Price intended the sink to be used for.
(oh yes that IS the loveseat in front of the fireplace. It's easier than peeling the kid off the mantel every 5 minutes. Enough said.)

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