Friday, November 7, 2008

Word Explosion

Well hellooo Katen!

You'd think with learning to cruise and say "Dada" she'd slow down and be happy with those skills for a while, but then that wouldn't be like Katen at all, would it?

All of a sudden she developed this vocabulary. She's gone from blowing raspberries and singing nonsense to saying "Momma" (YES!!! FINALLY! :: cough, cough :: uh I mean, good for her), and No, no which comes out as "nun nun nun." The funniest right now is probably the way she says "Uh-oh." It's so abrupt, sort of like "uh. OHHHH...." There are obviously a lot of uh-oh's as she throws everything on the floor imaginable.

What probably amazes me the most is that she really is using these words in the correct context. She knows who dada is and momma too. Uh-oh follows anything that falls to the floor and no, no, no usually comes right before she does something she knows she's not supposed to (of course) or if I'm torturing her. (aka Chaning her diaper or trying put her clothes on, heaven forbid.)

She'll practice them other times too. She likes to scold her toys (nun nun nun, naughty giraffe) and often asks me about dada. She seems satisfied when I tell her he's at work or lets go find him.

I honestly can't wait to see what's next. She'll be running from me before you know it. Christmas is going to be crazy!!

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