Thursday, September 11, 2008

Dinner with the pickle

I have some funny pictures to post when I get a free moment of pickle "experiencing" her spaghetti squash for the first time. I haven't met much of anything that she won't eat (Including a strong craving for cat food apparently) so I keep adding new foods to her plate.

Last Saturday when my mom watched her I think she was surprised that we had a full dinner menu all ready in little Gladware containers. That night it was Zucchini, Cheese crumbles, and fruit salad. I think its fun to make mini dinners and Kate the Great gets a nice variety of proteins and carbs in each meal that way.

Last night I was off the hook for making any dinner because we met a friend at a local restaurant. We hadn't seen her in quite some time and it was swo good to catch up. She doesn't have kids so I was wondering how she'd feel about us bringing a mini whirling dervish to the table, but our friend was a good sport and Katen was in a good mood and very happy to look around and snack on goldfish until our meals arrived. Once my plate was set in front of me though, she eyeballed the carrots, zucchini, and broccoli on my plate and even tried to make a swipe at them. The carrots were a little overcooked, so I shared all three veggies which kept her quiet for most of the dinner. The best part was when I let her taste the garlic mashed potatoes. She took one bite and then made her"I'm really excited about this" sound. Lets see if I can describe it. Imagine big wide eyes and a sound sort of like a dog panting only quicker. They were really good potatoes. That's for sure.

I didn't get to finish them though. Katen was being an excellent sport for not having her evening nap but it caught up with her toward the end of the dinner. She was rubbing her eyes and getting fussy so I took her outside to bounce a bit. She ended up falling asleep on the way home (90 minutes earlier than her regular bedtime) and slept for most of the night except for when I changed her clothes and diaper.

All in all, she's much easier to take out and about now. It's about time. :)

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