Monday, August 11, 2008

Fun in the Sun!

Sing it, Katen!

I took Katen to the aquatic center this weekend. She had a blast! On Saturday the weather was really nice. It was warm and in the lower 80's. Having never been there before, I was really happy to find that there was a HUGE area for little kids and a large shaded area for babies. I still get nervous about taking Katen in the sun even though she had sunscreen on. Daddy says I am over protective. Yep, probably. Oh well.

The other neat thing I saw was that a lot of kids were either wearing the 3/4 sleeve swim shirts and trunks like Katen's or they were wearing shirts over their suits to guard against the sun. I haven't been to a pool since probably high school, so that was definitely a change from back then when middle school girls slathered tanning oil all over themselves. ha!

It didn't take Katen long to get used to the water since it was shallow and pretty warm. She sat right down and started swishing her hands around in it. I think her favorite part was smiling at every single little kid that passed by though. She's such a friendly little peanut. Little kids seemed to be attracted to her too. One even wanted to take her down the baby slide. I explained that she wasn't quiiiite old enough yet. Cute!

I guess that once every hour everyone has to get out for 10 minutes so I took that time to teach the pickle how to feed herself. We had some Gerber puffs that become just sticky enough in wet hands. After about three tries she finally figured out that using her thumb and first finger yielded the best results. After that she got about 65% in her mouth without dropping them. The cutest part was when she started using her other hand to help shove the fingers holding the puff into her mouth. Team work!

Soon the whistles blew and we spent a little more time in the water before going she got hungry again. I gave her a bottle that I'd packed in her cooler and she was out like a light, so I packed up our stuff and called it a day.

On Sunday we went for brunch and then the pickle took a nap. Daddy was gone golfing for the afternoon so when she woke up I decided to take her back to the aquatic center. It was a little cooler on Sunday. Probably high 70's and gorgeous so the water was a little cooler and Katen wasn't as sure about it. She did get brave and try to scoot around the pool on her tummy though. It started out as a bear walk (on hands and feet with her bottom in the air) but soon she was splashing around like a little turtle on her belly. That is until some bigger kid ran by splashing her in the face. She wasn't traumatized (thank goodness) and didn't cry, but she was pretty ticked off. There weren't as many kids for her to watch on Sunday so we didn't stay as long but she still had a pretty good time. I don't know why I didn't think to bring her there sooner. We'll definitely go back.

P.S. look how curly her hair gets when it's warm. Just like Daddy's. :)

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  1. Oh my gosh - the pic of Katen "singing" is absolutely adorable!!


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