Sunday, July 20, 2008

My bet is on Super Chick

Guess what we did this weekend!
We went to the Ostrich and Camel Races at the Horse Track. No I'm not joking. The track was running exhibition races between the horse races. It was extremely entertaining. The camels run just like horses do and amazingly fast. The ostriches are even funnier. They kind of bob and weave their heads as they pick up those long legs and book it toward the finish line. They had exercise jockeys riding them and most of the jockeys fell off into the very muddy track (I hope that was mud) before the end of the race. It was definitely worth a good laugh.

On Saturday we took Pickle to the Drive In Movie. We saw the Dark Knight. Great movie! Before leaving home we packed up the diaper bag, some sandwiches, pasta salad, snickers salad, and drinks. Then we topped off the gas tank and set off for the movies right around bed time for Katen. She fell asleep on the trip there, so she got a good 30 minute nap in before waking while Mom and Dad ate dinner.
It's amazing what a cat nap will do for that kid. She was bright eyed and bushy tailed so we played in the back seat for a while and ate some yogurt bites while Mom and Dad finished their dinner. Soon there was a tap tap tap on my window. It was the manager asking us to either move our vehicle or park straighter. We'd parked right next to a very large truck who was also a little catty corner so we'd just matched his angle. I got out and straightened out the vehicle just to have a scrawny little twit of of a kid come tell us that we had to move. Now we'd been there for quite a while and the parking lot was getting pretty full. Daddy told the twit to go get the manager. He did and yep, we still ended up moving. Apparently some bitty behind us in her Caddy couldn't see and was raising a stink. We went to the spot they told us to but the concession stand was in the way so we moved again. Third time was a charm. I guess. It wasn't an ideal spot but it was okay. A man from the truck previously next to us came walking up and asked what was going on. He thought it was just ridiculous too. C'est la vie.
By that time Katen started getting antsy so I took her out of her seat and bounced around outside the car. Daddy went for some popcorn and it began to get dark. Ummm really dark. And cooler. Then I saw people getting into their cars and turning them around. (Most people in SUV's watch from the hatch.) I looked behind me and "Holy Thunderclouds Batman!" (pun intended.)
Soon it began to rain and thunder and lightning. About the same time the movie started. We simply turned on the air conditioner and the wipers and had a decent time watching the movie until the field across from the drive in got hit by lightning and all power went out. They must have had a generator though because while the street lights, etc stayed off, the movie came back on after a minute or so.
Katen spent the first half of the movie rough housing and moving back and forth between mommy and daddy. Between the sound of the movie playing, the thunder, and the amazing lightning show you couldn't blame her for being a little over stimulated. Around 10pm she finally settled down to sleep in Mom's arms though. By the time the movie was over the rain had lightened up and it was a decent drive home. We didn't stay for the second movie and got home around midnight. It was a short night for Mommy but we had fun!
Going to the drive in is the best of both worlds. You get to watch a movie and you don't have to find a sitter.

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