Wednesday, June 25, 2008

6 month pediatrician appointment

Here are Katen's new stats:

16lbs, 3oz - 50th percentile
26 1/4 inches tall - 75th percentile!!! wow!
Head circumference is 17 in - 50th percentile

Lots of people say she has a big head, but she's normal. :)

The pediatrician says she's right on target for milestones - laughing, smiling, rolling, practicing crawling, sitting, eating solids, and sleeping.

She said that Katen is just not going to require a lot of sleep. She's a curious child and a go getter and probably will never require much sleep. She also believes that Katen truly is hungry every three hours at night (which I can tell also by the way she wolfs down a bottle like they're going out of style). This is happening because Katen drinks only 4oz at a time instead of the typical 8oz other kids her age are taking down. She drinks less to manage the reflux. The pediatrician also increased our Zantac dose and said to continue with Zirtec (antihistamine) as needed before bed.

Katen was a good sport when she got her DTaP shot and Rotovirus serum. On the regular schedule Katen would also get the Hep B and Polio vaccine but we've chosen to delay both until 1 year. Her next poke will be at 9 mos and it's just a finger prick to check hemoglobin. Maaaaybe we can stay out of the pediatrician's office until then. Let's hope.

After her appointment, Katen got to visit Mommy's office and then have lunch with Grandma Deb. Then it was back to daycare for a while.

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