Wednesday, March 12, 2008

It's bedtime

It's finally time to start a bedtime routine. After three mos of working through our early evening cranky time (aka screaming for three hours each night) I've figured out that Katen is getting sleepy consistently around 7pm. With that consistency I think we can probably be successful in starting a routine to calm her and get her ready for a good sleep.

Katen has been waking about every two to three hours at night still but every now and then she'll give us a nice longer stretch so we're anxious to see if this routine will help her settle into better sleep patterns.

Our bedtime routine consists of starting a bath at 6:30. Then we lotion up and put on our jammies. After that it's time to put on the swaddle blanket while we sing some songs and after that she takes a bottle and falls asleep for the night.

After just a few nights, this routine has helped tremendously. Katen is able to anticipate the next step in the routine and falls asleep almost immediately. Even better, she's begun sleeping from 7pm to 4:30am! Woohoo!

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